Nutrition Review – Mission Performance Teas

Mission Performance Teas
Tom Whittle founded Mission after his experience taking on endurance challenges, and discovering the inefficiencies and downfalls of high caffeine energy drinks. 

When completing an epic cycling marathon down the length of South America, Tom discovered Yerba Mate as an alternative to coffee and high sugar energy drinks. Yerba Mate is a slower release natural caffeine source than coffee, and it allows you to feel the energising and cognitive focus benefits of the stimulant for far longer — avoiding the spikes and crashes often associated with caffeine consumption.

On returning from South America, Tom teamed up with nutritionists and tea experts to create a range of performance orientated teas using 100% natural ingredients. 

Following a successful test of these new blends, when Tom broke the World Record for crossing Iceland on foot, Tom founded Mission teas. Ever since, Tom has been on a 'Mission' to equip athletes and everyday individuals with drinks that will keep them focussed, functioning at their best, and help them to relax when they need to.

I have been testing out the six teas from the Mission range and have been taken by their delicate taste, refreshing aromas, and their effectiveness at energising and relaxing you. 

Here is what the range is comprised of:

ENERGISE – A green tea blend with cocoa nibs and a hint of ginger to support gut-health. Energise provides a steady caffeine release for sustained energy levels. You can enjoy it hot or cold as a replacement for high caffeine coffees and sugar-based drinks. 

PERFORM – A Yerba Maté blend, with spearmint and lemongrass, designed to enhance both your physical and mental performance. It can be taken hot or cold, before or during exercise.

FOCUS – A low-caffeine Yerba Maté tea with peppermint and chilli. Focus is designed to improve mental clarity and productivity, without the crash. You can take it throughout the day.

RECOVER – A caffeine-free Rooibos tea with berry and ashwagandha. Recover aids muscle repair, decreases stress and promotes calmness. Take hot or cold post workout or at any time of day.

CALM – A Rooibos blend with cocoa and ashwagandha, designed to decrease stress and promote relaxation whenever you need it. Take hot or cold.

SLEEP – Coconut and lavender provide anti-inflammatory and anxiety-reducing benefits to help enable a restful, deeper sleep. You can have it hot or cold in the evenings.

The complete range of Mission teas is composed of 30 natural ingredients, and nothing else. Each of these ingredients has been carefully selected and sourced to deliver the highest quality product. 

The right amount of caffeine 

A large coffee can contain 387mg of caffeine, but the optimal amount of daily caffeine for high performance is just 0-150mg. Mission teas have 14mg of caffeine as the maximum dose (in Energise) to allow you to take a more sustainable 'little and often' approach to caffeine – leading to fewer side effects and leaving enough room for a standard daily coffee.

Mission also uses a different kind of caffeine to that found in traditional energy drinks. They use green tea and Yerba Mate in the caffeinated blends (Energise, Perform and Focus). These caffeine sources are high in L-Theanine, which slows the rate at which we process caffeine – resulting in a much calmer, focused and slower release of caffeine.

Natural benefits

As well as caffeine, Mission teas contain other beneficial natural ingredients. Lavender can help alleviate anxiety and induce relaxation, while turmeric and ginger act as natural anti-inflammatories.

The range of natural Mission teas taste great, hot or cold, and they provide fantastic sustaining drinks to have in your flask or water bottle wherever your challenges and daily adventures take you.

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