Review – SeeSense ICON3 Front and Rear Bike Light Set

SeeSense ICON3 Front and Rear Bike Light Set
See.Sense is a cycling technology and data company from Northern Ireland; since 2015 I have tested three different versions of their award-winning bike lights, and the new ICON3 is their latest and most developed bike light set. The brand has used their eight years of experience to produce what is undeniably one of the smartest and technically developed bike lights available.

As with previous See.Sense models, the ICON3 was released after a successful campaign of crowdfunding on Indiegogo; the campaign smashed the original funding targets – testament to the number of bike riders and investors that believe in the See.Sense product.

As the new flagship model within the See.Sense range, the ICON3 is crammed with even more tech than the preceding models. It comes equipped with increased brightness and smarter features, as well as USB-C charging and a new 'twist and lock' mount system.

The ICON3 is 20 percent brighter than its predecessor: pumping out 350 lumens from the rear and 575 on the front – to ensure you can be seen up to three kilometres away. A combination of CoB (chip on board) and two quality-focussed LEDs give 270 degrees of side visibility, and shine brightly in both daylight and night-time.

The ICON3 is also a smarter bike light than ever. Like models before, accelerometers within the unit sense and react to moments of risk on the road, such as roundabouts and junctions; but where the ICON3 goes further is in the new 'Brake Mode' and 'Get Me Home' mode.

'Brake Mode' means when the ICON3 detects braking it will react by creating a solid light on one segment of the light to help attract attention. 'Get Me Home' mode means ICON3 automatically dims to a low-power mode when the battery drops below 10 percent – keeping you visible for longer and ensuring you are never caught short on a ride.

Battery life is impressive, with 15 hours in 'Reactive Mode' – helped by the 'Auto On/Off' that will turn the light off after three minutes of inactivity.

Through the connected app you can access features such as crash and theft alerts, and personal ride stats, as well as toggle light modes and functions. The app will also deliver anonymised insights (if you allow it to) to See.Sense, to help cities and planners improve conditions for cycling.

The ICON3 units might weigh just fifty grams, but they pack a hefty and impressive punch. The development over the predecessors irons out many of the slight criticisms I had of those past models – such as mounting, battery life and side visibility – with the ICON3, I struggle to find any faults. This is a purpose made and well executed 'Be Seen' bike light.

The ICON3 ticks all the boxes as a smart and powerful bike light that will keep you visible and help improve your cycling safety in all light conditions.

Disclaimer: See.Sense supplied an ICON3 Rear Bike Light for test and review


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