Review - Motorex Bike Cleaners and Lubricants

I first used Motorex bike cleaning products at the TorTour Cyclocross Stage Race in Switzerland, and they instantly impressed. Even in an almost comatose state of tiredness, I was able to get my bike sparkling clean and running smoothly again after a tough day in the Swiss Mountains. Back in the UK, I was keen to test and trial the complete range from the Swiss brand...

The cleaning process always starts with the chain, and the Motorex Easy Clean X-Treme Degreaser makes it about as easy as possible. The high-powered aerosol blasts the strong detergent into the chain-links, and drives out baked-on dirt and oil. A quick scrub with a brush and a thorough rinse, and it leaves your drivetrain sparkling clean.

When it comes to cleaning the frame, Motorex offers two options: Quick Cleaner and Bike Clean. Quick Clean doesn't actually require water, but instead uses a loosening agent that allows you to simply spray it onto dried-on dirt, then wipe the surface clean; making it ideal if you are without a hosepipe.

Bike Clean is the more conventional cleaner, which relies on you spraying it onto a wet surface, then leaving it for a few minutes before easily washing away the dirt. Motorex Bike Clean is quite easily one of the most effective cleaners of its kind that I have tried to date, and I have tried a fair few - including many big name brands. There is also the environmentally friendly option to purchase Bike Clean in a big refill bag, to save the cost and impact of a replacement plastic spray bottle.

Once the frame and drivetrain are cleaned, the Bike Shine polish helps to restore colour and shine, and add a water-repellent surface to reduce the chance of corrosion.

Chain lubrication is the final step of any bike clean, and Motorex offers a multitude of options. For ease of application, the Wet Protect and Dry Powder lubricants come in aerosol cans; which ensure an even coverage of the chain, and help to force the lubricant inside the rollers. For ease of portability, and a more delicate application, both the lubricants also come in traditional drip bottles with adjustable flow nozzles.

I found that the Dry Lube, although not super-dry like some wax lubricants, was very effective at keeping the chain running smooth in dusty summer riding conditions. The Wet Protect is a synthetic oil based lubricant, and I can vouch that during last year's Winter TorTour CX Stage Race this was faultless at keeping things running smoothly in the snow, mud, and grit found in the Swiss mountains.

Finally, when it comes to workshop servicing, Motorex also produces some of the best products that I have used. Bike Grease 2000 and White Grease are thick and resistant grease compounds, which stay put even with frequent washing and extensive use. The Motorex Grease Gun is also a superb investment, and makes servicing bearings and pedals a lot more accurate and effective. Further products include the Motorex Carbon Paste, which is ideal for seatposts and stem clamps, and is one of the more effective 'gripper' compounds that I have tried to date. Lastly, the Dot Fluid brake oil is a high-end solution, which having bled my SRAM Force Hydro brakes with it has made a significant difference to feel and performance.

Perhaps this positive review was predictable, given that almost every other Swiss product I have tried for both on and off the bike use has been exceptional and faultless. It is a cliché, but these Motorex products are now my go-to to keep my bike running like clockwork.

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