Review - Honey Stinger Energy Bars, Waffles and Chews

Review - Honey Stinger Energy Bars, Waffles and Chews
Organic energy food that tastes heavenly. The range of bars, waffles and energy chews from American brand Honey Stinger are so scrumptious, you might end up eating them all as snacks...

I have always been a fan of organic products; not because of the status that they hold, but simply because I believe eating natural whole-foods in their purist state is the best thing for taste, your body, and the environment. Honey Stinger pride themselves on using organic produce wherever possible, and have produced some fantastic tasting energy food as a result.

Some will look at stroop wafels and peanut butter cereal bars and question if this is real 'energy food'. Of course it is. It is just that it hasn't been processed, refined, homogenised or treated like a lot of the product on the market. Instead, Honey Stinger use classic recipes like the stroop wafel, and recognise that their composition of carbohydrates, protein, and fats are actually optimal for fuelling your body, and also taste naturally great.

The Energy Bars contain additional minerals and vitamins, and the Energy Chews contain Vitamin C to help support your immune system. Of course, all of them contain the magic natural energy ingredient, honey.

I found the Honey Stinger products to be very easy on the stomach, and conveniently packaged to stash in a jersey pocket. They are the ideal 'Real Food' choice for endurance cycling.

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