Review - POC Ventral SPIN AVIP Bicycle Helmet

POC has become my go-to option for helmets; their weight, comfort and safety ratings are second to none. The POC Ventral SPIN helmet is the brand's latest release, and an incredible piece of technological development.

The Ventral was designed in collaboration with POC's sponsored professionals, including the Cannondale-Drapac Cycling Team, as well as with feedback from POC specialists in the WATTS performance lab and aerodynamic testing labs. The result is a helmet that POC claim is the most comfortable, safest, and most aerodynamic yet. I can vouch that they are pretty on-point with that claim.

The Ventral uses a unique approach to aerodynamics. Rather than pushing the air around the outside of the helmet, the Ventral's design leads air through it, and in doing so significantly reduces the aerodynamic wake behind the helmet.

The Ventral's name comes from reference to the Venturi effect, which relates to how the helmet has been designed with specific airflow zones to create different pressure areas; these have the effect of increasing airflow and allow the helmet to pass through the air with greater efficiency.

The improved airflow through the helmet also aids with ventilation and comfort. Certainly compared to a fully enclosed aero helmet I found that the Ventral was significantly lighter and cooler in feel.

The SPIN padding used in the Ventral is cool feeling as well, and does a great job of managing perspiration. The padding is a lot smarter than just its wicking capabilities though; it contributes significantly to the safety performance of the helmet…

The Ventral SPIN uses POC's patent pending oblique impact protection system, SPIN, which is designed to reduce the effects of an oblique fall by reducing the amount of force transmitted to the head and brain. The unique SPIN pad technology sits directly against the head and can shear in any direction during an oblique impact; it allows the helmet to move relative to the head, reducing the force transmitted to the brain. That is clever stuff.

Finally, it is noteworthy that the Ventral SPIN is extremely lightweight. Yet, despite only weighing 230 grams (for a Medium helmet), the design doesn't compromise on safety. In fact, the fully wrapped single body shell construction provides extra security.

The POC Ventral is an impressive product both in specification and delivery. Out on the road it is extremely comfortable, and little updates like the new lightweight cradle adjustment system, strap system, and useful eye garage (for your sunglasses) are all great developments.

This is a supremely comfortable helmet, with market-leading performance attributes. In my favourite AVIP orange colour-way, it stands out for more reasons than one. This will be my helmet of choice for many future long distance rides. Keep up the great innovation, POC.

>> View the POC Ventral SPIN AVIP Helmet here <<

POC Ventral SPIN AVIP Bicycle Helmet

POC Ventral SPIN AVIP Bicycle Helmet

POC Ventral SPIN AVIP Bicycle Helmet

POC Ventral SPIN AVIP Bicycle Helmet

POC Ventral SPIN AVIP Bicycle Helmet

POC Ventral SPIN AVIP Bicycle Helmet


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