Review - Smith Optics Overtake MIPS Helmet – Smith Optics Attack Sunglasses

The Smith Optics Overtake Helmet and Attack Sunglasses were my headwear of choice for the #RoadsFromRome tour, and they surpassed all my expectations.

With Italian styling, and a superb build quality; this helmet and pair of sunglasses have a unique look, but equally exceptional performance.

Smith Optics Overtake Helmet Review

Most people will recognise the Smith Optics Overtake Helmet from the distinctive horizontal vents on the front of the helmet, as well as the pointed rear section, and the honeycomb like internal structure. All of these are unique design features, but they are also features that help to explain the great performance of this helmet.

The Overtake helmet is constructed in a complex five layer system, illustrated in the image below. This includes a skeletal outer shell, carbon fibre reinforcements, high volume EPS foam, and Smith's  Koroyd material. Labelled the AEROCORE™ construction, it is designed to improve airflow, while also providing far greater impact strength than traditional helmet designs.

The Overtake boasts 21 vents throughout its body, which do indeed seem to suck air through the helmet at an impressive rate; providing an effective cooling level, even at slower climbing speeds. I was initially skeptical that the honeycomb Koroyd material might impede airflow, but that doesn't seem to be the case at all; in fact, this feels as airy as many more open vented designs I have tested.

The fit of the Smith Overtake Helmet is also impressive. The 'Vaporfit' design uses a lightweight cradle at the rear, combined with a lightweight microfibre padding to provide a well cushioned and close fitting design.

At 280 grams for the MIPS integrated model, the Smith Optics Overtake helmet is also impressively light, despite its multi-layer design and enhanced protection.

Overall, the Overtake is an impressive design, with some clever technology such as the Koroyd material and the integrated sunglasses retaining system (shown in the image below). It is comfortable, strong, and in my opinion looks great.

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Smith Optics Attack Sunglasses

The Attack Sunglasses from Smith Optics are the complementing eyewear for the Overtake Helmet. They are equally well made, and impressive in their design.

The first thing that is interesting and innovative with the Attack glasses is the lens design: the ChromaPop one-piece lens has no top or bottom border, and clips straight into the arms. This design means there is minimal frame to obscure your vision when riding, and you can also interchange the lens options with ease (both a ChromaPop shaded lens and an additional ChromaPop™ Rose lens are included in the kit — the latter for low light conditions).

The arms on the Attack Sunglasses show a good amount of flex, giving them a comfortable and secure fit. This reassuring hold is backed-up by the soft and stable nose piece.

The lens is a good size that it doesn't dig into your cheeks or eyebrows, and the lens quality is impressive — providing good clarity, and good resistance to moisture build up in foggy or wet conditions.

Overall, these are a very well made and nicely styled pair of cycling sunglasses, and combined with the Smith Optics Overtake helmet they make for a distinctive and great performing pair.

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