Photo Blog: Newly Built Commuter Bike

Bit of a random assortment of parts, but it seems to work. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

Tortec Expedition Rack will take up to 35kgs. Triple Chainset and large cassette allow those loads to get up hills.

Bar Ends and Suspension help make the ride more comfortable

Deore Disk Brakes should overcome the stopping power problems in the wet and gritty conditions of UK winter (or summer?!)

Some serious recycling of parts off the race bike. This XT Rear Shadow Derailluer has got a home-made inner-plate. Hopefully shouldn't bend this one on as it's stainless steel.

Geax Roadster Tyres are reckoned to be one of the hardest wearing Asphalt tyres around, and they  are meant to have very good puncture protection even when occasionally used off-road

The recycled XT Shadow rear mech and large 34T cassette should mean I can get up most inclines even fully loaded. 


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