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OK, I'm going to try something new...below are four chain lubes that I have used and reviewed, with the Morgan Blue Extra Dry Lube coming out on top. I'm interested to hear what other people think about their chain lube of choice and what their recommendations are.
Let's see if we can get a discussion going in the comments section at the bottom of the post.

Morgan Blue Extra Dry Chain Lube

- The most effective dry lube I've used - doesn't attract dust or grime, leaving the chain looking clean and running smooth for a long time
- Easy to apply with long nozzle
- Just as good for the road bike as the mountain bike or tourer (despite the description on the label)
- Surprisingly good value £4.49 for 125ml (Wiggle)

- Still a bit more expensive than other brands, but worth it in my opinion for pro-level lube
- Does need re-application perhaps more often than alternative brands of Wet Lube

Weldtite TF2 Extreme Synthetic Wet Chain Lube

- Stays put, even in extreme conditions and long tours, this will stay on the inside working parts of your chain for a long time
- Doesn't wash off in the rain
- Very reasonable price: £3.50 for 125ml (CRC)

- Goes on like stringy cheese, which is rather messy
- Attracts dust and grime, which sticks to the chain, leaving it looks and feeling a bit claggy

Finish Line Teflon Dry Chain Lube

- Not many, really couldn't get on with this stuff
- Perhaps one positive is that it's white colour means you can see where it has been applied or not?

- Comes out in a milk-like solution with globules of solidified lubricant, leaves the chain looking messy and doesn't seem to penetrate well
- Seems to wash off or wear out quickly
- Very slightly smaller bottle
- Very much in the shadow of the Morgan Blue Dry Lube
- Expensive at around £5.50 for 120ml (Wiggle)

Finish Line Wet Lube

- Stays put; I've used this in some of the worst conditions including snow and torrential French "monsoon" rain; it's stayed on the chain and kept working
- Easy and non-messy to apply

- Washes off more than the TF2 Lube
- More expensive than the TF2 Lube: £5.50 for 120ml (Wiggle)
- Like the TF2 lube, as a wet lube it attracts dust and grime, which can act as a good grinding paste for your gears if you don't clean them regularly. I think for this reason I am generally in favour of the dry lubes, even in the winter.

So there you go, four lubes that I have tried and rated. 

The Morgan Blue is the best in my opinion, but what are your views?

- What Lube do you use on your chain?
- How well does it work?
- Do you use a different one in winter and summer?
- Do you have a special "race lube"?

Discuss below... 


  1. Rock and Roll Gold Chain lube is the best out there. There's nothing even close.

  2. That's interesting, I bought some Rock and Roll Grease about a year ago and it was terrible, still haven't finished it, because went back to Finish Line Teflon. Was rather put off the brand, but perhaps will give the chain lube a go. It's quite pricey though.

  3. There is just so much choice out there that depite many years and different lubes I've probably only scratched the surface of what is available. What I will add is that I used finish line for a few years and would consider it an average rated product. I'd agree the dry stuff is not as good. It'd probably be easier for me to say what I hate and love. I hate Muc-off lubes, particularly the dry stuff, which just doesn't penetrate very well. Love Perdos and have used it for many years. The Sync stuff is probably a bit heavy duty but I like their chainJ which is more for dry.

    Currently using new Juicey Lubes as I was given a bottle free. It seems good but very watery and you go through it fast.

  4. Thanks Jez, that's some great info. Looks like Pedros could be on the next order list. They make the best tyre levers as well for reference ;-)

  5. I use Holmenkohl Lube Exreme. It is very good both in Summer and Winter. But a little bit expensive.


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