OK...You Got Me! I'm on EPO

Calm Down...No I haven't turned into Lance Armstrong. This "EPO" is a rather lovely coffee bean blend from Paniagua CC, branded as 'Extract Paniagua Original'.

Most of you will know of my love of coffee from my blog Coffee - The Life Blood of Cyclists, and I can safely assure you that this blend of Brazilian Daterra and Costa Rican beans is the only 'cocktail' that I am taking. It has a lovely deep aroma straight from the grinder, with definite chocolaty undertones. The perfect warming brew to set you up for a winter ride... dreaming of the warm mountains of South America. 


  1. Hi, I've interested in trying it as I've heard good reviews. What's the caffeine content like compared to your usual Starbucks or Costa?

  2. Hi there, It's quite a strong blend, but also very smooths and quite chocolatey. Probably more an evening or lazy morning coffee than a kick-starter if you know what I mean


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