Touring: Route Plan for Le Havre to Florence

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This is the provisional route plan for a tour that I am thinking of doing in late August/early September. 
Le Havre on the north coast of France to Florence in Italy with a few lumps along the way...

- Le Havre
- Dijon
- Col de la Faucille
- Col de La Madeleine
- Col du Glandon
- Alp d'Huez
- Col du Galibier
- Col d'Izoard
- Col de la Bonette
- Col d'Eze
- Poggio di San Remo
- Cipressa
- Florence
Distance: 1,123 miles
Elevation: Yet to be calculated
Duration: 16 days (including two rest days)


  1. Looks like the basis of a really good trip Tim....I take it that you will be camping along the route as well..?


  2. Yes will camping all the way Trevor, will stay in a camp site on the two rest days - probably one in Le Bourg d'Oisans that I have stayed in before and is great, and perhaps one on lake Geneva as well.

  3. Looks pretty good, if very hard. Just three things I might change, although I'm sure the route isn't decided yet...

    1) You're taking a goat track up the Madeleine. The route through Bonneval is the main way up instead of going through Valmorel
    2) The Col d'Eze is within spitting distance of your route out of Nice. Take the Bd de l'Observatoire and the Avenue de la Condamine to trace the Paris Nice time trial route.
    3) Poggio. You're going through San Remo. May as well put in a little extra loop...

  4. Thanks for the comments Student Cyclist, I have made a few updates

    1) The route up the Madeleine has been changed - it should have showed us going up the D213

    2) & 3) I have changed the route - some good recommendations and worth including!

    The route will be tough, no doubt about that, but it shouldn't been any more severe than the 2011 France and Spain touring trip that I blogged about on here. We will leave ourselves a few days in hand, and if it really gets too tough we can always miss out a few of the climbs that are effectively off-route.
    Thanks again for the comments.


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