Review: Bristol BUTT'R Chamois Cream

A few weeks back I wrote a blog on Saddle Sore Prevention and Cure. It's a problem that many avid cyclists encounter along the road, and chamois cream is one thing that can really ease or even eliminate the discomfort.

This cream is custom made by racer John Whittington in Bristol, and I have to say he knows his stuff! 

The Bristol BUTT'R is marketed as an antiseptic ointment, with the active ingredient being tea-tree oil; it promises to tackle the greatest concern of saddle sores - infection. Making sure that your nether-regions are free of bacteria is a crucial step in eliminating saddle sores. 

The cream certainly has a "buttery" consistence as well; beautifully thick, it stays put on your seat pad and vital chafe regions. This is a problem that I have had with other creams and they consequently lose their effectiveness after a few hours in the saddle. The BUTT'R has stayed firmly where you want it though, and the thick consistency also means that you don't need as much of the ointment as with other brands, so the big 200 gram pot is set to go a long way!

Other active ingredients in John's mixture are lavender and peppermint; the lavender is just there to make you smell a bit nicer, especially good for when you are cycling with company! The peppermint provides a nice cooling feeling, and helps to reduce heat build-up that causes discomfort in the saddle. 

Bristol BUTT'R then really is a rather lavish chamois cream that will be sure to ease any discomfort that you get in your vital region. Slap it on, and feel the soothing, sweet smelling and satisfying feeling.
Just don't mix it up with your West Country Clotted Cream!

Bristol BUTT'R Chamois Cream Introduction from John Whittington on Vimeo.


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