Review – Thomson Masterpiece Inline Aluminium Seatpost

Review Thompson Masterpiece Seatpost
Carbon fibre has become the go-to material for the vast majority of high-end bike components; its light weight and structural strength is un-matched for most applications. Thomson have defied that trend though, with their range of beautifully machined alloy seatposts. Alloy seatposts have a number of advantages that I will discuss in greater detail below; but put simply, the Thomson Masterpiece Alloy Seatpost offers almost all the advantages of a carbon fibre post, with greater reliability and durability.

Thomson Alloy Seatposts have been spotted on world class off-road race bikes for a number of years; offering a build quality that delivers the ultimate reliability.

For starters, the tube and head of a Thomson seatpost are machined from one piece of high strength 7000 series aluminium; because the head is not pressed or bonded in, it delivers superior strength.

The clamp on a Thomson seat post is exceptionally low profile, so there is no risk that the clamp will rub or touch on the underside of the seat. The clamp also has a long 41 mm seat rail grip area; this helps prevent the seat rail bending from impact loads (most other seat posts have grip lengths approximately 15mm shorter!). Finally, the clamp on a Thomson inline post features infinite tilt adjustment from minus 5 to plus 29 degrees—for maximum adaptability.

A crucial advantage of an alloy seatpost over a carbon fibre post is the ability to bend on impact. The clamp, head, and upper tube of a Thomson seatpost are strong enough to withstand 350 foot-lbs of torque; the tube will start to yield and bend at the seat tube clamp at about 250 foot-lbs of torque (that's a lot!); so under severe impact the Thomson seat post will bend slightly and allow the rider to come to a safe stop, rather than presenting a very real risk of injury seen with a splintering carbon fibre seat post.

The Masterpiece version of the Thomson seat post is the range-topping model; it sheds 40 grams over the already impressive Thomson Elite alloy post (the Masterpiece is 161 grams for the 27.2 250mm version and 290 grams for the 27.2 330mm). The weight reduction is achieved by machining the seat post all over, including the oval inner diameter—removing excess material, but maintaining maximum strength.

Easy and simple to install, this is likely this could be the last seatpost you ever need to buy for your bike frame. The Thomson Masterpiece Alloy Seat Post is the ultimate choice for reliability; a particular consideration if you are building up an off-road or long distance bikepacking bike.

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Review Thompson Masterpiece Seatpost

Disclaimer: Upgrade Bikes UK supplied a Thomson Masterpiece Inline Seatpost for test and review


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