Review: Black Mamba Workshop Gloves

Workshop gloves aren't the most exciting of products to review or test, but they serve a very important purpose, and some gloves fulfil that purpose far better than others...

For years I've used disposable rubber gloves to service bikes; it helps to keep the oil, grease and irritant chemicals away from your skin, and saves times cleaning up after your maintenance session as well. I've used thin rubber ones, softer latex ones, domestic kitchen gloves and even disposable petrol station gloves.

All of them work, to a fashion, but there is always the annoying moment when they tear and let in the muck after several hours of use; or the fact that thicker ones stop you from being so delicate with bearings and the like.

The Black Mamba workshop gloves are quite easily the best workshop gloves that I've tried. They are thicker than normal disposable gloves that you would buy from a hardware shop, and as a result last a full day of use, and even re-use before you have to bin them.

These are gloves designed for the professional mechanic, who has to spend double-figure hours working on bikes each and every day. That's perhaps the best way of describing them; true professional level workshop gloves.

Black Mamba Gloves are available from Wiggle (Link)


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