Review - Rapha Brevet Flyweight Wind Jacket [Polartec]

Can you really fit your whole life into a seat-pack the size of a small rucksack? When you do, it calls for specialist lightweight kit; the Rapha Brevet Flyweight Wind Cycling Jacket features super-light Polartec insulation, and has a tiny pack-size, making it ideal for cooler temperatures on your bike explorations.

Let us get straight to the point... this jacket is ludicrously lightweight; weighing in at just 74 grams for the Medium sample I have on test. That weight is thanks to a super-light weight Nylon windproof outer, and high level Polartec Alpha insulation; combined together, these create an impressively protective and insulating layer, with absolute minimal bulk. Polartec Alpha is a unique market-leading insulation fibre, which provides both great breathability when you are working hard, as well as effective insulation when you are more sedate in your movements. 

I used the jacket on my recent #XPDTN3Dolomites bikepacking trip, and for the early morning ride-outs up above 2000 metres, it provided a fantastic windproof layer to keep the chill off; yet it was also a great layer for wearing casually in the cool evenings.

It remains to be seen how durable the fabric is... after all something so light is predictably very thin as well. However, when every gram counts, it is often not the durability of the product that is at the forefront of your mind.

There is reflective detailing in the form of the silver chest strip, and the jacket has the ability to pack itself away into its own pocket; those two features are about the only thrills that you get on this super-light weight product. 

As a lightweight wind-shielding and impressively stylish jacket, this Rapha Brevet Flyweight Wind Jacket with Polartec insulation is a great choice for your next adventure; it will certainly be coming on a few more with me...

Rapha Brevet Flyweight Wind Jacket (Polartec Insulated)

Rapha Brevet Flyweight Wind Jacket (Polartec Insulated)

Rapha Brevet Flyweight Wind Jacket (Polartec Insulated)

Rapha Brevet Flyweight Wind Jacket (Polartec Insulated)


  1. tim, is this a solo trip, how are you doing all your photos, especially the last one which almost looks like drone took it


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