Behind The Brand – CeramicSpeed

On the west coast of Denmark lies the small city of Holestbro; quiet and calm on a chilly morning dawn.

At CeramicSpeed HQ, energy is flowing though: at 6am the production team arrive, many by bike. Breakfast and laughter are shared, before the delicate work begins…

The CeramicSpeed Heritage

Jacob Csizmadia founded CeramicSpeed 13 years ago, in the building that still houses the company. Back then it was his family home, and the company operated from a small workshop. Now it is a world-reaching world-class production facility.

CeramicSpeed is all about bearings. The little balls that enable so many components and machines to run smoothly; both on your bike and in the world as a whole.

Bearings are an intricate product. For them to run at precision smoothness, for a maximum life, each ceramic ball within the set must be an identical size, and perfectly spherical. Every seal must fit to the micrometre, and the components housing the bearing must match exactly.

Produce a faultless bearing, and the friction savings could well be the difference between winning and losing. Spin the wheel on the wall in the CeramicSpeed foyer, and it will spin for over six minutes...

Bearings might be discreet, but you will find CeramicSpeed components on the bikes of dozens of professional riders, including the Factor Bikes AG2R Team. They are the components of choice. These riders have selected the products because they note the difference from the silky smooth hubs, headsets, bottom brackets and drivetrain components produced by the Danish specialist.

Personalised Production

To understand the level of precision and control in the manufacture, I head behind the scenes; with the production of CeramicSpeed's titanium jockey wheels…

First, each bearing ball is checked to ensure it is within a micrometre of its counterparts. If one ball is larger than the others then it will take all the load in the bearing unit, creating friction and wear.

The balls are placed into the outer bearing by hand, before it is washed and blow-dried. Any dirt would cause unnecessary friction and wear.

The unit is pushed into the jockey wheel outer - these cogs have been formed from titanium dust in a nearby facility. The complete unit is then tested for movement and play to ensure it conforms to strict quality controls.

Finally, the bearing is pushed back out of the jockey wheel. Dust seals and lubricant are applied. Then it is reassembled to produce the final product. Every complete assembly is checked by the production team leader before being passed to packing to be delicately positioned in its hand-finished box.

A jockey wheel. A craft.

Friction-less Flow

Friction is not fast: it causes energy loss and component wear.

Making bearings with the smallest possible level of friction means that CeramicSpeed parts run smoother, for far longer than any competitor's.

In road cycling, it means watts saved - up to 15 watts with a full upgrade. In mountain biking, touring and cyclocross it means a longer life in tough conditions. In industry, it means machines last longer, and perform better than ever before.

Constant Development

CeramicSpeed are always testing and developing. Searching for new ways to save watts, and increase durability.

One of the first developments was the Oversized Pulley Wheel System. A larger jockey wheel means that on the smallest cogs on the cassette the chain is not contorted to the same degree. Less contortion = less friction. The oversized jockey wheel only works though, if the play in the bearing is controlled and minimised to the finest degree. CeramicSpeed's fanatical quality control ensure that.

A more recent development is the CeramicSpeed UFO chain. The production of these starts with the highest quality chain; which is then put through a process of 'running-in' and testing, before being coated in a wax lubrication. The unique coating enables 600 kilometres of the lowest possible friction - a saving of up to 5 watts over the nearest competitor.

The latest innovation, is the UFO Drip Chain Coating. Taking the science behind the UFO chain to the next level, this lubricating coating is composed of 10 different waxes, all of differing viscosity. The chain coating completely dries on the links and rollers of the chain; reducing friction without attracting dirt and contamination. It promises a 6-watt friction saving over the nearest lubricant competitor, with each application providing faultless performance in all weather conditions, for at least 200 kilometres. An instant upgrade.

Frictionless Revolution

Out in the hills and fjords around CeramicSpeed HQ, the change riding aboard a CeramicSpeed equipped bike is instantly noticeable.

Pedals turn more smoothly. The chain runs silently. Gears shift effortlessly.

The upgrade is instant, but it will also endure. CeramicSpeed components outlast all others in the marketplace; providing unparalleled performance for the longest possible time.

This is as close to a friction-free ride as you will come.

When every watt, and the longest life matter; CeramicSpeed lead the pursuit of victory.

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