Mid May Update

Things seem to be going well on the preparation for the Island Games: kit orders are in, British cycling license has come in the post and the course has been checked over by the UCI officials (I have yet to ride it or see it though).

So things are looking good, and training isn't going too badly either - I'm back at uni now and not getting quite as many miles in as when I'm at home, but that was to be expected. I'm on the bike 5-6 days a week for at least 90mins each time.
On Tuesday and Thursdays I'm attending the evening "bash" which is a conglomeration of the fastest riders from the clubs around Warwickshire, taking part in effectively a 30mile road race twice a week. You do your stint at the front, at a pace normally close to 25mph and then there is a sprint finish at the end. It's great fun and fantastic fast pace training - not often you can put in a 46mile ride in the evening! (the start is 8miles off campus). It certainly makes me want to do some road racing this summer - so I've been looking in the calendar for a few events that I can enter.

My other training composes of one gym session a week, one rest day spin, one high powered spin and core training class and then intervals and long rides on the bike. Luckily there is a guy in the Uni Tri club who can set me a pretty challenging pace for me (he is aiming for a sub 20min 10mile TT this year), so I am hoping to train with him a few times a week as the pace of the Uni group rides are a little slow for me now.

In a month I will have finished exams and be free to ride every day, without the constant feeling that I should be working or revising. Really looking forward to that and it is all that is keeping me sane at the moment.

Just a quick update on the situation really -things seem to be progressing well and I'm looking forward to a June/July and August full of races!


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