Objectives for 2012: In and Out of the Saddle

As the end of 2011 draws nearer, and the season has come to an end, it seems like a good time to look forward to 2012 and think about what I want to achieve next season.
This is a list of my aspirations, hopes and dreams for the big 2012; both on and off the bike.
If you have any suggestions, comments or you think you might be able to help me in the route to ticking off an objective, I would be extremely grateful to hear from you: either comment on this post, contact me on Twitter or email me at timwiggins@aol.com.


Become A 2nd/3rd Cat. Road Racer
2011 saw my entire season on the trails, as the mountain bike became my race-steed for the Island Games and other XC events. In 2012 I really want to break into the road-race scene. I'm very excited that the Wightlink RT has offered me a chance to race with them at events in 2012, and I look forward to hopefully collecting some decent results!

12hr Mountain Bike Race
I've been eyeing one of these up for a while, and being the masochist that I am, I reckon it could suit me down to the ground. The events themselves look like a lot of fun from a social point of view as well. If anyone has any particular recommendations on which is the best to do, it would be much appreciated.

Podium in the BUCS Hill Climb
This year's BUCS Hill Climb was my first venture into the highly painful sub-sport. I came out with a 7th place out of 150 entrants from Universities and Colleges all over the UK.
I was pretty chuffed with that; but I hope that with some specific hill climb training, some lighter wheels, a skin-suit and a bit of luck. Perhaps in 2012, in my last year at Uni, I will make it to the podium.

Make an Impression on the Track
I've only been on one track session, but it was epic!
In 2012 I will compete in the BUCS track event in February and hope to get a decent result.
I also hope to make a few trips over to the Calshot track when I am back on the Isle of Wight, and see if I have what it takes to get some results on the boards!

South Downs Way... In One Day
I've walked along the South Downs Way many times. I've done it at night, running, even with a 25kg rucksacks. But I have never done it on a bike. Throughout all my outdoor-adventurous activities at school, I've always thought that it would be an amazing achievement to ride the whole length of the historic path from Winchester to Eastbourne. 

Round the Island...Twice
When I am back home from Uni it has become a fairly standard training route of mine to complete a circuit of the 60mile Randonnee course around the perimeter of the island. Having clocked up a double-figure number of century rides this year though I am keen to give a twice round the Island a go - 120miles and 2300 meters of climbing! Should be a decent training run!

To Lands-End and Back
A LE-JOG is on the cards for some point in the future, but for now I am keen to ride to Lands-End and back from the Isle of Wight. I rode some sections of the coast road in Dorset over the summer, and it is fantastic - I would love to go the whole way. Lite-Touring time I think!

Out Of The Saddle:

Reach 30,000 Views On The Blog
Throughout this year I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this Blog; from reviews on products, to the diary of my 1400+ mile trip to France and Spain.
It seems that some of what I have been writing is of interest to people, as the view count keeps on climbing. In 2012 I hope to continue writing, and aim to provide some interesting pieces on the cycling world, my experiences in races and recreation; and any other cycling related topics that people would like to read about. 

Work Experience in the Cycling Industry
...and a job for 2013
I've worked for a corporate giant, and I do a degree course where most of my fellow students are looking to be the next investment banker or Richard Branson.
I must admit I can see the benefits; but for me, I really want to work in something for which I have a passion. An occupation where I jump out of bed in the morning and am excited about what I am going to do that day, and not solely motivated by the money that I will take home at the end of it.
I've always been interested in Publishing and Journalism, and would love to work for a Cycling orientated magazine or website. I get a great buzz from reviewing products, reporting on events, and meeting new people to discuss the sport with. 
Equally though, I am also interested in Sales and Marketing; it would be great to work for one of the up-and-coming bike brands, or for an established name. I would love to be part of designing new and innovative ways to sell and market products for the bike industry. 

In 2012 I am looking to do work experience in one of the areas mentioned above, and then in the later part of the year start looking for a route into the industry and a potential career for when I graduate in 2013. I know it will be difficult, and the cycling industry is a niche market that isn't always ready to open its doors to new recruits. But I am passionate and keen, and I hope that somehow I will find an in-road, so that my passion for the sport is not just isolated to the weekends and evenings.

That's about it as far as my objectives for the next year go - some big, some not so big. I hope that I can tick off the majority by this time next year, and look forward to the challenges along the way....bring on next season!


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