Review: The New 'Cyclist' Magazine

I picked up the launch copy of the new 'Cyclist' magazine last week, and haven't been able to put it down since. It's something a bit special, that's for sure.

With the matt finish cover featuring a stunning picture of the Swiss Alps, the magazine oozes class at a glance. Open it up and that impression permeates throughout; The 'Leadout' kit review section looks at the top of the range Trek Madone 2013, as well as £200 + Sportful jackets and Rapha Winter jerseys. It's clear from the outset then which end of the market this mag is aimed at (if the £5 price tag was not enough!).

That's not to say that there is not something for everyone in this coffee table journal. The pieces that really caught my eye were those looking at the history of our sport. Avid cyclists can't help but wonder and marvel at the intricate past of the two wheeled world; I myself am currently reading Chris Sidwell's fantastic 'A Race For Madmen', which is an in-depth history of The Tour. 'Cyclist's' launch issue has pieces on the history of Le Coq Sportif's involvement with the Yellow Jersey, Oakleys through the ages; and my personal favourite, a piece on the legendary Colnago Bikes. The writing is captivating, the photography intimate and artistic, and the opinions well informed.
For those that have an interest in the past years of the sport, there is some unmissable reading inside these covers.

It is not just an interesting, well written history lesson though; there is a wide range of articles, with something for everyone. The Swiss Alps route guide is detailed, personal and diary-like; with some fantastic illustrations and advice. For the training minded, there is an in-depth and very educational piece on the use of power-meters, which although I am not familiar with them yet, my team captain found the article very useful.
There is also a great review piece on shorts, a bit of kit that many overlook the importance of, as well as some serious bike porn in the form of new offerings from De Rosa, Cannondale and Seven.

Another rather special and unique piece for the sportive rider is the profile of the Velothon Berlin Sportive. I must admit that not being a sportive rider myself, I hadn't heard of this one, but it looks amazing! The photos of the 14,000 riders tearing through the streets of Berlin is something to behold, and frankly something that I quite want to have a go at myself! *adds to lifetime to-do list*.

So, overall a great mag. The only downside that I can see is the price tag, which is slightly higher than your standard cycling mag. There is also a fair bit of advertising, but then they have to find some way of funding the release right? Aside from those minor digs, this really is a bit of cycling reportage that is comparable to Rouleur in its feel, quality and content; but with the excitement of being a monthly release.

They have a special offer on at the moment, where you can get three mags for the price of one, and get a free gift. In my opinion, well worth checking it out!

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  1. Echo the sentiments here. As soon as I saw this mag hit the shelves I knew it was a winner. It reminds me a little of Rouleur in the way it's put together and the articles are second to none. In fact, this mag is so good I scrapped my subs to other magazines.
    Well impressed - let's just hope they can keep the standard up.


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