Review: Weldtite TF2 Lithium Grease and PURE Grease

How much can you say about grease? If it works it stays put in your bearings, it continues to lubricate moving parts even when blasted with water and grit, and it keeps water out of vital components to ensure that your machine carries on running smoothly.

I've had these two grease products on review from Weldtite: The TF2 Lithium Grease and the PURE Grease. Both seem to be very effective and tick all the categories listed above.

The Pure Grease is made from sustainable ingredients from natural and renewable sources - Eco-friendly! Cyclists of all people should know the importance of protecting the environment that we ride in, so making that little effort with the maintenance products you buy is a good step.

Putting them to use... I've serviced various parts in my winter training bike with both these greases over the last month, and I've been very satisfied with how they've performed. The PURE Grease is a bit more liquid, ideal for smearing on threads and to use as a water displacer. The TF2 Lithium Grease is a thicker and more synthetic product; making it ideal for bearings and high speed parts, where you demand a grease that will stay put even with high temperatures and a lot of motion. Both products are great value as well, coming in around £6 for a 100 gram tub. 

Not a lot more to say about these really... They work well... Give them a try!


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