Review: Salice 005 Sunglasses

Almost a year ago I reviewed my set of Salice 006s on the blog (Link); they were a great set of shades, and proved popular both with myself, and you blog readers (It is one of the most viewed reviews to date).

Unfortunately however, a slight incident with a pothole last month left my 006s under the wheels of a taxi. I was distraught. However, looking on the Salice website I found the new 005 model; in neon yellow! Cool! I got a set, and here's my thoughts on them...

If I liked the 006 model, then the 005 I love. They look fundamentally different; they have two separate lenses. The lenses tilt inwards slightly towards the cheekbones, giving a more aero look, and the fit is narrower and more secure on your head.

Sunglasses choice is crucially about looks for most people, however, you also need to consider build quality, value and features.

Build quality of the Salice 005s is great; they have strong hinges, the lens quality is superb, and the feel of them is sturdy, yet lightweight. Value is also right up there, at £69.95 RRP for the standard model, and only £15 more than that for the Polarized model, these glasses are bags less than the Oakley Radarlocks or Fast Jacket (the later of which is most similar in styling, with two separate lenses).

Features of the Salice 005 model are also abundant for that price tag. Salice have over 100 years of experience in producing eyewear, and it shows. The lenses for example have three small vents at the top, highly effective at preventing fogging and keeping your eyes cool. The nosebridge is a soft rubber, and can be bent into shape to fit your faceshape. The arms also have a grippy rubber, which hugs the side of your face, and means that even on the bumpiest of descents these glasses stay put. To only add further to the value of the package, the 005, like all Salice glasses, comes in a soft vault case, with a set of clear lenses to pop in for darker days, and a wipe clean cloth. That is a lot of bang for your buck!

Overall, I can't fault the 005s at all. These are a set of spec's designed to excel in demanding conditions, last a long time, and provide superb comfort and clarity. They do all that at one highly respectable price tag. Well worth a look if you need some new sunnies for the August rays.  


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