Review: Lusso Carbon Roubaix 3/4 Length Bibs

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed the Lusso MaxRepel Knee Warmers, which proved to be a great bit of commuting kit; useful for the cooler mornings to protect your knees, and then stuff in your bag when you commute home and the temperature is more kind.

With the mercury falling quite consistently now though and summer almost certainly gone for another year, three quarter length bibs provide that much needed bit of extra warmth over shorts. The Lusso Carbon Roubaix three quarter lengths are a great example of this autumn/spring item of kit; I’ve been testing them out over the last few weeks and have been pleased with the results.

The Roubaix Lycra is a fleece backed material that is both warm and soft, whilst also being effective at wicking away moisture. This fabric is used for the entirety of the bibs on the Lusso Carbons, and therefore provides effective protection from the cold for both your core and your legs. To ensure that even with this high cut the fit of the three quarter lengths is not compromised, a small front zip is used; this is a great feature, and well thought out to optimize both warmth and ease of use.

Like the MaxRepel Knee Warmers, the Carbon Roubaix three quarters uses the same neat elasticised leg gripper with rubber dots. The gripper is both comfortable and effective at keeping the base of the legs in place. What I really like about this area of the Lusso bibs though, is the more breathable white panel on the upper calf/lower knees; not only do these help to avoid the sweaty back-of-the knee syndrome, but they also show up very well from behind when riding in low light Autumn conditions.

The chamois in the Carbon three quarter lengths is a good quality, quite large, foam pad. I have found it to be comfortable for long hours in the saddle, as well as coping well with multiple machine washes.

Perhaps the most unusual and innovative feature of the product is the single seam construction. The garment has a single seam on the front of the leg, which whilst looking slightly different, makes the legs extremely comfortable, as there are no seams behind the leg or on the fold of the knee. It's a feature that is definitely in the minority in a world of “panelled” shorts, but it seems to work!

Overall, the Carbon Roubaix three quarter lengths provide great value for money, with an RRP of £64.99. They keep you warm with the mid-weight fleece backed Lycra, the high cut fit is pulled off well with the zippered front, and the single seam construction means the risk of uncomfortable friction is minimised.
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