Review: Phew CC Lobster Mitts

Back in the spring I reviewed the Phew CC Early Winter Gloves (Link); a lightweight full finger wind-proof glove that is perfect for the changeable conditions in spring and autumn. Earlier this month they brought out their new Lobster Mitts; a set of gloves that promises to keep your hands toastie even when the thermometer continues to fall.

Lobster mitts have been around for some time. I had a pair a number of years back that were split two fingers, two fingers and thumb; grouping the fingers together dramatically increases warmth and reduces the surface area of the glove exposed to the elements.The problem with this past pair was that it made gear changes rather difficult because of the clumsily large fingers. The Lobster Mitts from have changed that; they have the index finger separated from the others, allowing easy shifting as if you were wearing normal gloves, but with the other three fingers still benefiting from being in a shared pocket of warm air.

The Lobster Mitts are made of the same Windster fabric as the Early Winter Gloves; a fabric that provides warmth and protection even when the going gets tough. It is able to shrug off rain showers, and is easily up to dealing with many machine washes. On the palm there are little gel gripper dots that are handy for when things get wet and slippery on the controls, and on the thumb there is a microfleece wipe.

One feature that really stands out for me on the Lobster Mitts is the Velcro neoprene cuffs, which seal up nicely around the cuffs of a long sleeve jersey or winter jacket.

The fit of the Lobster Mitts is quite roomy, which is good to allow layering underneath. Indeed I found them at their most comfortable with a pair of merino liner gloves worn inside; this allows a bit more cushioning on the palms without being bulky, and helps to provide an extra insulating layer.

Overall, the Phew Lobster Mitts work very well; either worn by themselves or paired with liner gloves, they give great versatile protection from the wind and cold. At £24.99 from (Link) they are also a bit of a bargain! They are lasting well, and I think they could easily be worn throughout even the coldest winter when paired with good liners, and then stripped down to just the outer shell when things get less chilly. Well worth checking out.


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