Mini Review: OneLife iD Mini Tags

Carrying some form of ID with you when you are out on the bike is a no brainer. If you come off and get knocked out (or worse), the emergency services will want to contact your next of kin as soon as possible, and it’s one hell of a lot quicker and easier for them if you have some form of ID.

The MiniTag from OneLife iD is a compact and cheap way of taking some form of identification when you don’t want to be taking your wallet with you on your bike rides. It is one third the size of a normal credit card, and can feature three lines of contact details on the back as well as your name (sorry I'm not going to show a photo of my family’s phone numbers to you guys, that’s just a bit too weird). The scanner code on the front then links to your online profile, which can store lots more information, including allergies etc.

You can attach the tags to a saddlebag, helmet, jacket zipper or similar. Anywhere that you think will be visible to the emergency services.

You get three tags for £5.99 from, which is good value considering the benefits that it could provide. They would make a very worthwhile stocking filler or gift for friends and family.


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