All Systems GO for 2014 Racing!

We're getting there, all of a sudden things are coming together to start racing this season.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, 2014 sees me changing teams from Wightlink RT to Team Wiggle. This move is to tie in with my "new" (now over 6 months in) role in the marketing team at Wiggle, and I'm proud to represent the brand out on the racing circuit.

I still regularly ride with the Wightlink boys, and I'm sure we'll work with each other at races. They continue to be great mates.

Anyway, onto progress...

A few weeks ago it wasn't looking great from a preparation perspective; I didn't have a licence, I didn't have a race bike, and I didn't have any races entered. Bring that forward to now and I have a race bike, a licence and my first race is tomorrow afternoon! Relief and excitement are there in equal measure!

The Bike
Later in the year, hopefully in a month or so, Team Wiggle will all be on matching Felt Bikes (probably the F2 or the AR2), but rather than racing on the Planet X for the first few months of the year (it's taken a bit of a battering this past winter), I decided that I needed (rather desperately) a fresh race bike.

Most of you will have spotted that I've been testing a Mekk Poggio 1.5 for the past few weeks, and I've been very impressed by it. It's a superb value bike, with a great carbon frame and durable components (see my review on the Wiggle Blog). 

The brand is a great new name to the industry, and producing some super bike packages. I decided that I would love to try a Mekk Primo (their race orientated frame) out on the race circuit; so now seemed a great chance to do so. 

I'll write a full review on the Wiggle Blog soon, but the Mekk Primo is a great bike; an aero frame, with Shimano Ultegra components and a set of Saturae 50mm carbon clinchers (new brand under the same founders as Mekk). I took it for a first spin today, so I'm looking forward to getting more feedback at the race tomorrow. 

There will be a new design Wiggle kit coming in a month or so, but for now we're in last year's black and orange. I just need to find some orange sunglasses and helmet to match now! 

Tomorrow is the first of the Mountbatten circuits, and I'll be aiming to do as many as I can this year. As well as closed circuit racing I'm aiming to do several stage races including the Tour of the Milburys and the Ras de Cymru. On top of that there will hopefully be numerous other smaller races around the South of England. 

Time to go and prepare the bike and kit for tomorrow. Look out for a race report tomorrow evening! 


  1. When's the race tim, I could come support you seen as I'm in Chichester

  2. Hi mate, sorry I only just got this comment through, not sure what is up with blogger. Probably a good race not to come and watch in hindsight, horrendous crash at the end. There will be another one next weekend though I think, on the 22nd. Send me a message on fb if you're around and I'll confirm if I enter etc. It would be good to catch up! Cheers T.


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