Race Report: Omega Circuits 1 - Wake Up Call

The first race of the season is always a tough one. Your legs normally feel like they've been pummelled with a hammer by the end, and it leaves you mentally mixed up too.

Today was no exception. I suffered like a dog at times, felt good at others, and was reminded by a big crash at the end, that you need to be on your toes at every single moment during a race.

Luckily for me, the crash was a few bike lengths back from me, and I rode away untouched. I really hope the guys that weren't so lucky are OK and heal fast; it's everyone's nightmare and very sobering, especially at the start of the season.

The race...

E.1.2 circuit races are a mix of flat out attacks, and lulls of moderate (25-30mph) speeds. If you're a punchy rider you can jump on the attacks and hopefully one gets away. If you're a diesel engine (like me) you tend to motor around holding onto as many attacks as you can and hoping the bunch splits with the pace.

Today was very much like that. I was towards the front of the bunch for most of the race; I got on several breaks, but none came good. I even tried a solo break off the front in the hope that someone might join it, but it wasn't going to be. The really apparent thing was my lack of top end power though; the real oomph that only comes with more racing. It was a very good block of training at least.

After one hour of jumping heart rates and a lot of over-threshold efforts, it looked like it would come down to a bunch sprint (although a group of four apparently got a lap up - I have no idea when that happened?!).

The crash happened on the last lap, so the bunch sprint was very much a half hearted push, with the realisation that there was a rider was on the ground a few metres past the finish line. I eased off and I think crossed the line in around 15th.

Anyway, first race down, and a bit of a wake up call to get my head screwed on better and find the breaks that will work. Racing in a pack was a bit of a reawakening too; 45 riders on that circuit is a close knit group, and it took a while to feel comfortable.

It's done now though, and time to move onto the next one, keep training and take things up a level as the season really begins to start.


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