Review: Lizard Skins LA SAL 1.0 Gloves

Lizard Skin La Sal Gloves
Lizard Skins are probably best known for their chain stay protectors; those famous neoprene tubes that protect your chain stays from chips, knocks and scratches as you ride over rough ground. Lizard Skins also produce gloves though, as well as bar tape, grips and protection. The LA SAL 1.0 mitts are the top of the range fingerless gloves, and feature an interesting and highly durable design.

I'm quite picky about gloves, and tend to like a good bit of padding on the inner thumb, but fairly minimal padding elsewhere. I'm also a fan of mesh or Lycra backs, to avoid uncomfortable sweating on hotter rides. The LA SAL 1.0 mitts, although made of leather, feature a good bit of padding on the thumb and a well ventilated leather back, so things started out well from an initial impression.

The leather used on the LA SAL 1.0 is no normal leather, it is premium quality Pittards, which means these gloves instantly appear to be a durable, comfortable and classy option; much like a nice pair of shoes they mould to you with use and stay comfortable after many months of abuse.

The fit of the mitts is close, but not that race-orientated. I opted for a size 10 (my normal glove size), and the fit is comfortable enough to wear for very long days in the saddle, making them ideal for touring or endurance riders.

Out on the road, the LA SAL 1.0's performed well; they feel comfortable, your hands stay cool thanks to the large opening on the back, and the padding is easily enough to absorb the road shock. In fact, I found these gloves really come into their own on the trails; the added protection from the leather and the good padding was enough to shake off stray branches and keep a good grip on the bars.

The gloves are lasting well too; after numerous washes and several long trips they still look pretty good. Even the mud, sweat and rain encountered on a mountain bike have done little to dampen their smooth black appearance. I put this longevity down to the Pittards leather; the quality really is apparent.

A great set of mitts then, which are comfortable, grippy and lasting very well. The smooth black leather is a classic look, and these gloves certainly have style. The merit of durability is the most significant compared to many other gloves I have used though, and these are a set of mitts that will see many seasons of use I think.
Lizard Skin La Sal Gloves
Lizard Skin La Sal Gloves


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