#MyGoal(s) for 2015

MaxiNutrition asked me a few weeks back, what is #MyGoal for the 2015 season? It got me thinking. What do I really want to achieve in 2015 on the bike?

In order to try and make it a reasonably succinct reply, I came up with:

"Ride Further and Ride Faster in 2015" 

That could mean a whole host of things though, so here's what I mean in depth:

Ride Further

In 2015, I hoping to do more ultra challenges; that is, more long distance non-stop rides. In 2014, I completed the Trafalgar Way from Falmouth to London in under 24 hours. The 300 miles route was a real challenge, but I enjoyed every minute of it (even the hours of rain between Salisbury and London). This year, I'm hoping to go one further, and do an even longer ultra endurance ride, perhaps in the Alps or the Pyrenees.

Ride Faster

Everyone always wants to ride faster, but what I really mean is I would like to race better than I did in  2014. I'd like to regain my 2nd category licence, which I let slip away from me. I would like to do more mountain bike racing. Most of all though, I would like to finish in the top ten in an event at the International Island Games in Jersey in June. I'd like to ride faster!

Time to get training...


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