Review: SealSkinz Extra Cold Winter Cycle Gloves

A few weeks back, I wrote a post on Wet Weather Riding Accessories, which featured the SealSkinz Mid-Length Waterproof Socks and the SealSkinz Waterproof Cycling Cap. Both products are invaluable when the heavens open on a long arduous ride. With the mercury falling in the last couple of weeks though, I've also been thinking about winter riding accessories, and the SealSkinz Extra Cold Winter Cycle Gloves are one product that has come into frequent use.

Like many, I struggle with cold extremities in the winter; when you're spinning along on gentle base mile rides or short commutes, it is hard to get sufficient blood flow to your hands and feet to keep them comfortable. To deal with this, the SealSkinz Extra Cold Winter Gloves are designed to provide maximum insulation for your hands; keeping your digits warm and flexible, even when the ground is hard and frozen.

The gloves have a thick double layer construction, with an inner liner made of fleecy Primaloft fabric and a strong and durable outer. Like all SealSkinz products, their crowning virtue is that the outer uses the A.D.D Waterproof (Aqua Dynamic Design) technology, which means not only are these gloves warm, they are also waterproof and windproof - ideal for the UK weather.

Winter gloves are a product where the devil really is in the detail. You're likely going to be wearing them for long hours on the bike, and you'll really notice the little things. SealSkinz have made a real effort with these gloves, creating a product that is as comfortable and practical as possible. The palms for example, are made of a highly durable synthetic leather material, with a gel insert to take the hits on rougher roads. The cuffs are long, and feature a strong closure strap to help to seal around a winter jacket. Even the softer material on the thumb, is there to make the inevitable frozen nose wipe more comfortable.

Fit is good, and the size Large I have is similar to other major glove brands. There is enough room for a liner glove in there as well though, if things really start to get Arctic.

Overall, these are a very well made and thought out pair of winter gloves. They're warm, breathable, waterproof and should last a good few winters. Touches like the synthetic leather palm and gel insert make things more comfortable; whilst the high cut cuff and sealing tab mean that when combined with a waterproof jacket, the A.D.D technology comes into its own. They're good value too, with a mid-range price tag in the winter glove line-up. Protect your digits from the wet and cold this winter.


  1. Hey Tim, great timing with this review, I'm looking to get a better pair of winter gloves for mtb'ing.. something I find irritating is the fleecy inner pulling out when you remove the gloves, do you have a problem with these doing that?

  2. Hi Ian, Sealskinz have adopted a new way of making these gloves, which is aimed at overcoming just that: the inner and outer are bonded together, so that they remain well shaped as you pull them off. Other winter gloves that are worth considering are the GripGrab Polaris Gloves - these and the above SealSkinz pair are my two favourite that I have tried to date.


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