Nutrition Review: MuleBar Nosebags

I've always been a fan of dried fruit, nuts and seed mixes. Whether you're snacking after a hard morning training session, or you need something to break up the monotony of energy bars and gels on a long ride; dried fruit and savoury nuts are an ideal source of energy and protein.

MuleBar have clearly tapped into this idea with their new Nosebag products; handy jersey pocket-sized bags of dried fruit, and savoury nuts and seeds, which provide a great alternative energy source.

There's nothing particularly revolutionary about the contents of MuleBar's Nosebags, but they do taste great.

First up, there is the Fruit Avalanche. This is a mix of raisins, dried apricots, dried cherries, cape gooseberries and goji berries. Much like a good dried fruit mix, it's a riot of flavours, and will certainly add a bit of interest for a palate that has been numbed by sugary energy gels. There's a great mix of textures too, so you can enjoy gently chewing on that goji berry as you battle into a headwind.

Second in the line-up, is the savoury Tamari nuts and seeds Nosebag. This features sunflower kernels, Tamari kernels (apricot kernels with a savoury spicy coating), pumpkin seeds, cashews and almonds. I've always been a fan of savoury "Real Food" when Fuelling for Endurance Riding, and the savoury Nosebag fulfils that need very well. It's a great alternative flavour to add some variety to your energy food on longer rides. The nuts and seeds provide a nice crunch, and the protein and unsaturated fats found in them will help you to keep going for longer, and also repair damaged muscles.

Trail mix and dried fruit mixes are nothing new in themselves, but providing a handy (compostable!) grab-bag that you can stuff in your jersey pocket is very neat. MuleBar have also been clever with ingredient selection, so for example, they've cut out bigger nuts from the savoury bag making it easier to eat than your standard nut mixes.

These are definitely worth a look if you're bored of standard energy food, and looking for something different and tasty to keep you fuelled.

View the MuleBar range at (Link)


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