Review: Swrve Cigarette Cut Durable Cotton Shorts

If you haven't read my previous reviews of Swrve apparel, then it's worth having a quick browse. This American brand makes some of the best "casual" cycling wear that you can buy.

Swrve kit is well fitted and nicely styled; perhaps most notable though, compared to other brands that I've tested, is that it is quite easily the most durable. It is without doubt, kit that is made to last. I have Swrve Indigo jeans and Swrve WWR trousers that are two years old, and they still look like new. Hours of abusive testing, both on and off the bike, shows the true virtue of this clothing...

The Swrve Cigarette Cut shorts are the first pair of short trousers that I've tested from the brand. They are made of the same great fabric as the Durable Cotton Trousers though, and these continue to be a favourite of mine, so I was expecting good things.

The 'Durable Cotton' fabric is a robust, medium-weight material; with an abrasion-resistant finish, and a level of strength that certainly stands up to some serious wear. Despite the robustness, the fabric is soft against the skin, and most importantly it is comfortable to ride in; helped significantly by the four-way stretch it possesses. The fabric is also treated with a DWR coating, which repels water, dirt and grime. There's little doubt that this is one of the best-suited materials for outdoor pursuits.

The Cigarette Cut shorts are designed for optimal comfort whilst riding. They have a lower cut waist at the front, to avoid the fabric and your belt digging in whilst you're in the riding position. They have a higher cut waist on the back, to provide greater coverage and reduce the chance of that chilly gap! The waistband itself is low-stretch, so unlike the rest of the shorts, it doesn't move as you move; reducing the chance of them falling down. Swrve have also used their gusseted seamless crotch design on these, so there's no uncomfortable chafing seams. It's these little modifications, which make these shorts significantly more comfortable for on-the-bike wear.

As well as being cut for riding, the Durable Cotton shorts also have a cut that is more suited to cyclists' physiques than most. These are a slim fitting short, so they look great on skinny riders' legs. They are also a great length, dropping to just above the knee; long enough to cover those dodgy tan lines, but not so long they catch on your knee caps whilst riding. Perfect.

Swrve have paid attention to the finer details in design, too. There are some great little additions to these shorts that are worth noting. Pocketing, for example, comes with a multitude of options: On the front, there are two standard pockets, both with useful pen holders. On the rear, you get a double reinforced U-lock pocket, and a zippered pocket for valuables and spare change; as well as a small smartphone pocket, which is cleverly positioned so you don't sit on it whilst riding. Whether you're a bike courier with pockets laden, or you're just nipping to the pub; I reckon these have got you covered!

It seems that Swrve have done it again with the Durable Cotton Cigarette Cut Shorts. They've produced a product that looks great both on and off the bike, but also a product that feels great to ride in, and has a significant amount of useful functionality. Built to last, and built to ride; these are sure to become a staple part of my wardrobe for a while to come.

View the Swrve range at (Link)


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