Review: ELEVEN Vélo Ride Pouch

What goes in your jersey pockets is always an interesting topic of conversation, between bike riders at least. It tends to throw up all kinds of discussion: Should you be a minimalist streamliner or a comprehensive conservative? Should you carry tools and spares in a saddle bag, or in your pocket? Also, how do you house that kit safely, to avoid it flying down the road or trail?

For me, my road cycling set-up is now pretty fixed. On the bike, I have a small compact saddlebag, containing tyre levers, two spare tubes, a small tube of lube and a spare mech hanger. In my two side jersey pockets go bars and gels, and then in my central jersey pocket goes my other ride essentials. These ride essentials consist of a phone, multi-tool, chain link, lip balm, ID card, cash, card, key and instant patches. It's these small essentials that I've always struggled to house safely, until now...

Now, I think I've found a solution. The Ride Pouch from Australian brand ELEVEN Vélo.

ELEVEN Vélo's speciality is bespoke merino clothing, and they do some great looking kit for both on and off the bike. The Ride Pouch however, has evolved from their profound understanding of bike riding, and what bike riders need. It's a partnership project with San Francisco based Waterfield Designs, and it is made to be the ultimate caddy for your pocket-travelling ride essentials.

The idea is simple: riders need to take a lot of small items with them in their jersey pockets; the best way to keep those safe, is to house them all together in one water-resistant and durable pocket. Made from quality American leather, Cordura and neoprene, the Ride Pouch is designed to house everything safely in one place, whilst also looking the part.

Unzipping the soft leather pouch, allows you to fold it open, and fill it up. On one side, there is a neoprene sleeve, which is designed to safely house a phone, even one as big as an iPhone 6+. The neoprene protects the phone from the other contents inside the pouch, whilst on the outside there is a clear plastic window that allows you to operate the phone without taking it out of the case. On the opposite side of the pouch, there are then two small Cordura pockets that are designed to house your other small essentials. I found one pocket was the perfect size for an 11 function multi-tool, whilst the other could hold a card, key, cash and other small bits. It all easily fits into the pouch, and once zipped up, it is safe and secure.

The pouch itself will then happily fit (fully loaded) into the central pocket of a size small jersey. It feels comfortable against your back, with its soft leather padding, and you don’t get that annoying prodding from having a multi-tool wedged in your pocket. Because of the design of the pouch, you also don’t get the usual situation where everything falls to the bottom of your jersey pocket; the load is instead spread over a larger area of your back, and avoids any bulging bottoms (it definitely looks more “pro”).

Overall, this is a superb, if simple, accessory. It has provided the solution to my long enduring ‘essential carry’ problem, and does so in a smart and durable fashion. Gone are the days of zip-lock bags and old sunglasses carry sacks; the Ride Pouch allows you to house everything in one easy-to-grab caddy. It is simple, smart and effective. It should also mean less time faffing before the ride, which means more time riding. Result.

View the ELEVEN Vélo Ride Pouch at (Link)


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