Review: Pedro's BioGrease

Winter is coming. That means rain, mud, bike washing and bike servicing, in abundance. A few weeks ago, I reviewed the Pedro's Degreaser and Chain Cleaner; I was impressed, but after you've stripped your bike of dirt and dried-up lubricant, you need to re-lube and protect key areas, to keep things running smooth.

The obvious attention point is your drivetrain, and in the past I've talked about Picking Your Pedro's Chainlube, to ensure you've got the right lube for your riding conditions. In this post though, I'm considering what you need to keep your bearings, bottom bracket, headset and hubs running smooth this winter... grease!

The Bio-Grease from Pedro's is a friendly grease. I don't mean it's a smiling John Travolta. I mean it's kind(er) to the environment than most. It's bio-degradable and non-toxic, so there's less chance you're killing the fishes in the rivers, as it slowly washes out of your bearing races.

I'm pleased to say that it will take some time for it to wash out, though; as after several months of testing, this has proven to be one of the best bike greases that I've tried. It seems to have that optimal thickness; which keeps it in place, but doesn't make your hubs run like they're packed out with treacle. It also seems to be resistant to heat and extreme cold, which can sometimes decompose grease. Quite simply, from the moment you squeeze it out of of the well made tube, it does its job quietly and successfully.

Keep things running smooth this winter.

View the Pedro's Lube and Grease Range at (Link)


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