Travel: Sportique Wash Bag Essentials

Going travelling with a bike is one of the greatest joys in life. It can have its difficulties though; one of which, is the need for a pretty extensive packing list. In this post, I thought I'd feature five products that always make it into my wash bag, whenever I travel to a big ride, event or training camp.

Sportique Century Riding Cream

Any big ride deserves chamois cream. Whether it is hot and dry, or damp and humid; protecting your seat region from friction is a worthwhile preparation. The Century Riding Cream from Sportique is one of the best I've tried, and is formulated using natural ingredients, with a pleasant scent. You'll be grateful of this when you rack up the miles.

Sportique Elements Cream

It's not just your seat region that will benefit from some TLC when you are training/racing hard, you should also consider how you are protecting other areas of exposed skin. My favourite 'barrier cream' for riding, is the Elements Cream from Sportique. Their formulae is non-greasy, gentle on the skin and easily absorbed. Applying this to your face and hands before you ride, will protect them from wind, rain and sun. Great for those unpredictable weather conditions. 

Sportique Lip Balm

Similar to the Elements Cream, this Lip Balm comes with me on all my trips. In fact, it makes it into my Ride Pouch on every ride! Chapped lips are painful and distracting, especially when you're drinking slightly zingy energy drink. Protect your lips from wind burn and sun burn with one of these. 

Sportique Get Going Cream

Sometimes you aren't travelling to warmer climes, or sometimes your event requires an early get-up and go. The Get Going Cream is a gentle form of embrocation, which helps to warm your muscles and increase blood flow. It will provide you with enough warmth to keep you comfortable, until you can work up a heat on that first climb!

Sportique Road Rash Remedy

Finally, something I hope you never need. Sportique Road Rash Remedy is the best anti-fungal, antiseptic lotion that I've used on the dreaded road rash. It is also really useful to help clean and recover small cuts and abrasions. A great natural lotion, worth having as a back-up in your kit.

These are all very useful products, and all utilise natural ingredients to great effect. Sportique also handily makes them all in sub-100ml tubes, so you can easily take them in your carry-on. They would make ideal stocking fillers, or combine them together as a set, as a gift-package for your favourite rider! 


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