Review: TrueStart Caffeine Controlled Coffee

I drink a lot of coffee. Probably too much. The taste, caffeine kick and even the smell, are all great attractions to me; I don't get through many days without a cup, or three.

Coffee is a well known caffeine source, and there are proven performance benefits from using caffeine before and during endurance sports. However, the caffeine content of coffee is notoriously varied, so TrueStart Coffee propose to overcome this, with caffeine controlled coffee.

Per serving of TrueStart instant coffee, there is the equivalent caffeine content (around 100mg) as a caffeine energy gel. This provides a measured boost, similar to taking a caffeine pill. This seems like a good idea, and it is useful to know how much caffeine you are taking on board through your coffee drinking; it should allow you to optimise your intake for performance gains.

However, I have a problem. As I've outlined above, the caffeine kick is only one of the reasons that I drink coffee. I gain as much enjoyment and satisfaction from the aroma and taste, as I do from the caffeine. For that reason, I'm not a big instant coffee drinker; I much prefer home-made espresso or French press... call me a coffee snob. TrueStart coffee is far closer to your standard instant than it is to "posh coffee", and because I particularly enjoy the fresh coffee I drink, I found it hard to revert back to drinking instant just for the refined caffeine content that it holds.

If you enjoy drinking instant coffee or are willing to substitute your fresh coffee for freeze dried, so that you can gauge caffeine intake, then TrueStart is worth considering. However if you're a "coffee-snob", you might find it hard to adapt.

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  1. I remember when caffeine was banned above certain levels in cycling. Late 90s.


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