Review: OKO Magic Milk Tyre Sealant

I've converted to tubeless tyres on pretty much all of my bikes; from mountain bike to cyclocross, and now even my road bike. The advantages of tubeless tyres are numerous.

Earlier this year, I encountered a new hiccup with running tubeless though; though admittedly one I should have seen coming. I headed out on my mountain bike, after several months of just riding on the road; I hit a patch of hedge cutting and heard the tyre puncture; but then, there was no satisfying seal. The tyre deflated. The problem, was that the tubeless sealant had dried-up over a winter in storage.

I limped home from that ride, and vowed that I would search for a sealant that had a longer lifespan; as well as noting that I needed to check this vital ingredient more often! (Read my post on '10 Top Tips for Tubeless Tyres').

During my search for sealant, I came across Magic Milk from OKO; a brand whose inner tube sealant I have previously reviewed here on the blog. OKO are probably better known for producing tractor tyre sealant; but what works on big knobbly tyres, should work on mountain bike tyres too, I reckon?!

I've subsequently been testing OKO Magic Milk on my cyclocross bike, for the last month, and the results have been good...

Magic Milk is branded a new style of tyre sealant, which will seal larger holes, require less sealant per tyre, and last longer than standard latex sealant. I mounted up the same tubeless tyres that I had been running with Stan's NoTubes sealant on my cross bike, and went in search of gravel!

The sealant seems to work well; I've encountered both glass cuts and thorns during testing, and the sealant has sealed around the cut or obtrusion in the tyre. My only slight criticism, is that sometimes the sealant seems to take a while to cure, particularly in damp conditions; I suspect this is because it is slightly water soluble, so doesn't dry that quickly in high-humidity conditions, or when it can be "washed" out of a cut.

I haven't fully tested to see if the Magic Milk lasts longer than other sealants, because I've only had it on test for a month or so, and normally sealant lasts at least three months. However, with its consistency, I can see it is likely to be more durable.

Overall, the OKO Magic Milk seems like a good choice. It seals tyre cuts and obtrusions as well as any other sealant I have used; whilst also looking like it should last longer. It could be a good option if you're looking for a sealant that you can 'fit and forget', with your next set of tyres.

View the OKO range at (Link)

OKO Magic Milk sealing a hole in a Schwalbe G-One gravel tyre

Despite a fair bit of gravel riding, the OKO Magic Milk Sealant has sealed all punctures


  1. How long did the sealant last before it needed topping up?

  2. How long does the sealant last between topups?


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