Review: Leatherman Charge Titanium Multi-tool - The Ultimate Touring Companion

Leatherman Charge Ti Multitool
I'm in the process of putting together a full kit layout of my chosen accessories, luggage and clothing for my 'Coasts and Cols Tour'. It is kit that needs to be lightweight, durable, compact and reliable; products that will perform throughout the duration of the two weeks, as well as on future tours.

A good cycling multi-tool will definitely feature in the line-up; but I also went searching for the ultimate plier-equipped multi-tool. I wanted a tool that would be useful for bike maintenance, as well as camping duties. The Leatherman Charge Ti multi-tool is my chosen option; so in this post, I thought I would explain why...

Feature packed

The Leatherman Charge TTI multi-tool is designed to be an incredible workhorse; a companion that will get you out of tight spots, and help you fix-up problems, whatever they might be. It features an impressive 19 tools in its arsenal; including hex keys, pliers, wire cutters, knives, saw, screwdrivers, scissors, bottle openers and many others besides.

From my experience of bike touring, a multi-tool that is equipped with pliers and scissors is well worth having. For camping, features like a can opener and bottle opener are priceless when preparing campsite food. Then, added extras like a small saw, and a proper sized blade, are valuable when dealing with wild-camping craft.

The Leatherman Charge TTi features more tools than you'd think possible to cram into a pocket-sized tool; however, each of them has its uses, and I can easily see that each of them could be useful on the 'Coasts and Cols' trip.
Leatherman Charge Ti Multitool
The Leatherman Charge TTi features bit pieces, pliers, scissors, blades, files and a whole lot more!


Despite its plethora of tools, the Leatherman Charge Titanium is surprisingly lightweight. It comes in at 252 grams; and the smart leather holster and tool bit storage doesn't add much to the overall weight. 

This light weight was one of the main attractions to me, and one of the virtues that sets the Charge TTi tool apart from other plier multi-tools that you could pick up in the hardware store. When you're ascending mountains day-after-day, then every gram counts...
Leatherman Charge Ti Multitool
The beautiful titanium casing on the Leatherman Charge reduces the overall weight


I took an unbranded Leatherman-esque multi-tool on my last touring trip; it didn't come back with me. The scissors broke, and the tool was already a bit rusty (despite claiming to be stainless), after several sailing trips. I decided that for this trip, it was worth investing in the real deal. The Leatherman Charge Titanium is certainly that.

Leatherman tools have a 25 year warranty; but I know friends that have had their Leatherman Wave multi-tools for more than 30 years, and they're still going strong. The last thing you want on a touring trip, is for kit to fail on you; I think there is very little risk of that happening with the Leatherman Charge.
Leatherman Charge Ti Multitool
The variety of blades, saws and files on the Leatherman Charge Titanium


So, the Leatherman Charge Titanium has been picked as part of my kit for the 'Coasts and Cols' tour for several reasons: it has an incredible number of useful tools; it is incredibly well built; and despite both these attributes, it is also impressively lightweight. It should be the ultimate pliers-equipped tool for bike touring.

View the Leatherman range at (Link)
Leatherman Charge Ti Multitool
A superb multitool companion, for any bicycle tourer


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