Review - Unior Tools BikeGator+ Workstand

Unior Tools BikeGator+ Workstand
A good quality bike repair stand will make your bike washing and bike maintenance far easier. The Unior Tools BikeGator+ Workstand (this is the auto-adjust model) is one of the best that I've tested to date.

High quality materials

The Unior Tools BikeGator+ Bike Repair Stand is made of high quality aluminium and stainless steel parts, coated in chip-proof paint; to provide a durable, strong, yet lightweight product.

Bike repair stands take a lot of abuse in the form of bike washing, frequent transportation, and heavy handling; so having quality components, which will stand the test of time, is a worthwhile investment.

The jaws on the BikeGator+ clamp are made of a soft non-marking rubber, to avoid damage to your bike's tubes. Then, the lever on the clamp features the same soft-touch rubber that you find on the handles of all Unior mechanics tools. This is a product built to last.

Ease of use

A bicycle repair stand should function without fault, and make the tricky jobs of bike washing and servicing as easy as possible. The Unior BikeGator+ Workstand does just that.

The design of the 'auto-adjust' claw on the BikeGator+ means that the workstand can accommodate tubes from 24 to 40mm diameter.  The compressible spring means there are no tricky screws to adjust when switching between tube sizes; you just place the bike tube between the grips, and clamp the lever for the perfect hold.

The rotational clamp on the BikeGator+ allows you to alter the angle that the clamp holds the bike at; so you can either clamp the top tube or the seatpost, and you can rotate the bike when it is in the stand. The height of the workstand is also easily adjustable, through the telescopic tube design.


Unlike some workstands, which are set up with nuts and bolts, the Unior Tools BikeGator+ Workstand uses quick release clamps and folding legs, to facilitate easy collapsing for transportation. 

The lightweight of the aluminium tubing also helps to make it less of a handful.


Overall, the Unior Tools BikeGator+ Auto-Adjust Workstand is one of the best designed, best executed bicycle repair stands that I've used to date (I've tested a good few).

The repair stand is strong, lightweight, durable and super easy to use and transport. Much like the other Unior Tools products that I've tested on the blog, it is a market-leader.

View the Unior Tools BikeGator+ Workstand at (Link)

Unior Tools BikeGator+ Workstand
The Unior Tools BikeGator+ Workstand features high quality materials on the tubing and clamp

Unior Tools BikeGator+ Workstand
The tube clamp that holds the jaw set-up allows you to rotate the angle of the jaw, then lock it in place

Unior Tools BikeGator+ Workstand
The long spring on the Unior Tools BikeGator+ Workstand allows the clamp to auto-adjust to your desired tube size

Unior Tools BikeGator+ Workstand
Soft rubber jaws on the BikeGator+ Workstand are kind on your paintwork, and also replaceable

Unior Tools BikeGator+ Workstand
The height of the work stand can be adjusted using the telescopic tube design

Unior Tools BikeGator+ Workstand
The collapsable legs on the Unior Tools BikeGator+ Workstand allow for easier transportation

Unior Tools BikeGator+ Workstand
The Unior Tools bike repair stand is an impressive bit of kit, to help you service your pride and joy with ease


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