New Season. New Kit. CEP Sports Run Kit Review

CEP Sports Running
Spring break - it's something that I've decided is a good idea in my training schedule. It entails leaving the bike alone for a week; then kitting up in some great run kit from CEP Sports, and pounding the trails on foot, rather than shredding them on my bike.

My kit choice for a week of trail running comes from CEP Sports - a brand that I've previously featured a fair bit on the blog (see past reviews). These products are some of the new season releases from the brand, and feature some great kit innovations.

CEP Sports Performance Run Tights

These are probably the most comfortable running tights that I've worn to date. The no-stitch seams on the CEP Compression Performance Run Tights mean that there is no chafing, no areas of restriction, and a lighter overall garment weight. These feel super flexible, and super fast (even if I'm not).

They also have some really neat features: like an easy-access mesh pocket on the side that is perfect for gels or a key, and a wide waistband to avoid uncomfortable pressure points.

A great option for chilly morning runs.
CEP Sports Performance Running Tights

CEP Sports Metalized Compression Run Socks

Compression socks just got bling!

I can't claim to have earned the right to wear golden socks, but these limited edition gold or silver coloured socks from CEP do look great.

They deliver the same medical-grade compression as CEP's normal running socks. I have found compression socks make a notable difference to reducing shin splints and calf muscle soreness, as well as ensuring that the socks always stay up.
CEP Metalized Running Socks

CEP Sports Compression Arm Sleeves

Just as saggy socks are definitely not cool; so too are saggy arm warmers very annoying. The solution is a compression fit, which not only aids comfort and function, but can also help improve performance through better circulation to the arms and hands.

These CEP Compression Arm Sleeves are really comfortable. They add a bit of extra warmth on cold April mornings, and also seem to help avoid 'heavy arms' when you're pushing hard on longer runs.

CEP Sports GripTech Socks

The new GripTech socks from CEP Sports are designed to stop your foot from sliding around inside the shoe. A stable foot means you're less likely to incur injury, and more likely to be able to react faster to challenging trail terrain. 

These were originally designed for team sports, where you're constantly changing direction; however, I've found them to be great for trail running too.

4 pieces of kit that will make your cross-training runs more comfortable, and hopefully faster. I certainly set a PB the first time I wore the CEP Running Tights.

Check out the CEP Sports range here (Link)

Get out there, and enjoy the trails!


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