Review - LedLenser MH10 Headtorch

Earlier this year I tested the LedLenser MT10 Handheld Torch, and I was extremely impressed by the quality and design of the unit. More recently, I have been trying out another product from the Outdoor range in the German brand's line-up - the MH10 Headtorch.

The LedLenser MH10 is designed to be a versatile and lightweight headtorch; ideal for walking, running and many other outdoor pursuits.

Unlike a lot of headtorches that integrate the battery into the lamp unit itself, the MH10 has a separate battery pack on the rear; this has a number of advantages...

Firstly, it means the battery pack can be larger; facilitating a massive run time of 120 hours on low power mode, and six hours on high power. Second, it makes the headtorch a lot more balanced on your head; providing greater comfort and reducing the need to over-tighten the strap to avoid bounce. Thirdly, it has allowed LedLenser to put a small red light on the battery pack, to give a surprisingly effective aid to rear visibility.

The battery pack design is certainly smart, but there are a few additional extras that further the strength of the MH10 Headtorch's design...

The strap for example, has a neat quick pull adjustment design to fit multiple head sizes. The lamp unit can be tilted to get the correct beam focus. Finally, like the MT10, you can choose the programming of the light so that it toggles through the different beam strengths in the order you prefer (600 lumens on High, through to 10 lumens on Low).

My only slight criticism of the MH10's design is the ability to use it with red coloured lamp light. Red light is useful for night navigation and for being less obvious when wild camping. The MH10 comes with two lens covers - one red and one green, which pop onto the lamp unit. The issue is that these lens covers are glass, and when trying to change between the red and green options, I managed to shatter one of them. I am probably a bit ham-fisted, but I can't help but think plastic would have been a more durable option.

Overall, aside from the minor lens issue, the LedLenser MH10 Headtorch is a superb piece of kit.

Lightweight, comfortable, and very well made. The battery life on 'walking/low power' mode is incredible, as is the speed of charging and the quality. The light function is reassuringly simple to operate, and the headband can even be removed for washing.

Another great bit of German engineering, which would be the perfect companion for ultra running events, bikepacking, camping, and as a backup riding light.


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