Review – ScICON Aerotech Photochromic Sports Sunglasses

Review ScICON Aerotech Photochromic Sports Sunglasses
The Italian brand Scicon is well known for their industry-leading bike bags and luggage solutions, but earlier this year they released an interesting new line of sports sunglasses; designed to offer maximum protection and clarity of vision in all cycling conditions and disciplines. The ScICON Aerotech Sunglasses have been my personal choice this summer, and I rate them highly.

Regular blog readers will recall my review of the Scicon Aerocomfort Road 3.0 Bike Bag — that innovative product revolutionised the ease of transporting a bike during air travel. The Italian innovators have not become complacent in their dominance of the bike bag market though, and in 2019 they have branched out into saddles, bib shorts, and eyewear.

The ScICON Aerotech Sunglasses are the flagship model within the new ScICON Performance range. They are inspired by a quest for adaptability and versatility; to be usable whether you are a road cyclist, mountain biker, triathlete, runner, or any other kind of sportsperson.

The adaptability and high level of protection are at the core of the design. The ScICON Aerotech features a one-piece SCN-XT shield lens, which ranks at UV380 protection level and is highly impact resistant. The sunglasses' frame is made of Grilamid® TR90 Polyamide, which is equally robust and flexible. The combined resilience of the material means that these glasses should protect your eyes whatever the conditions you encounter.

The Aerotech comes with advanced photochromic lens technology; meaning it adapts the level of shading to the light conditions. This is superb for mountain biking, and year-round riding; when light levels are often changing, and you want to keep maximum clarity of vision. The lens is also interchangeable, should you want to customise the look, or replace a damaged lens.

The adaptability continues in the fit of the ScICON Aerotech. Flexi-Fit arms allow you to mould the shape of the frame arms to fit your personal head shape. The TPE Double-Click nose pads then provide a secure fit on your nose bridge; with a number of different types of nose piece provided to ensure a personal fit that does not pinch the nose or obstruct airflow.

To keep the sunglasses clear and fog-free, ScICON have integrated ventilation holes into the upper part of the lens; then on the lower edge of the lens you can either have a protective rubber fender fitted to provide comfort for the cheekbones in the event of a crash, or you can remove these to increase airflow and low level vision.

Out on the road and trails, the ScICON Aerotech Sunglasses have performed faultlessly. Since the day they arrived for testing, I have not picked another pair of sunglasses from the shelf. The adaptability, as with Scicon's bike bags, is the leading light with this product; it means improved vision, improved comfort, and improved safety whenever and whereever you ride.

For the above reasons, the Scicon Aerotech will be my choice of eyewear for my upcoming #CelticCrossTrail adventure.

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Review ScICON Aerotech Photochromic Sports Sunglasses
The Scicon Aerotech Sunglasses come with a smart hard case and an abundance of extras

Scicon Aerotech Sunglasses Review
Extras include the additional nose pieces, lens bumpers, cleaning kit, and customisable frame inserts

Scicon Aerotech Sunglasses Review
The small arm details are customisable — in this case either black or white

Scicon Aerotech Sunglasses Review
The Scicon Aerotech Sunglasses feature a comfortable nose piece

Scicon Aerotech Sunglasses Review
Pictured here with the frame bumper/fenders removed to increase lower vision and improve ventilation

Scicon provided with a set of Aerotech sunglasses for testing and review


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