Review – Crankalicious Bike Frame Cleaners and Polish

Not all bike cleaners are made equal. A bike wash should be effective, kind to the environment, and easy to use (kind to the user). There are plenty of harsh chemical cleaners out there, but most of them are not gentle on your bike, your garden, or your hands. The range from Crankalicious is premium level bike care; made to be effective, but friendly. I have been testing out their frame cleaning and polishing solution...

Split out by the four products I tested from the Crankalicious range, here is my review.

Crankalicious Mud Honey Foaming Bucket Wash

First up, the Mud Honey Foaming Bucket Wash. This is a PH neutral wash that functions like your traditional bike or car wash; pour a couple of capfuls into a bucket and then fill it up with water. Grab a sponge, and rub over all areas of the bike to remove dried on mud and dirt.

Mud Honey works a treat, and it is kind on your bike and your hands; while effectively removing even stubborn caked-on brake dust and grime.

Crankalicious Pineapple Express Rapid Acting Bike Cleaner

For a deeper clean, the Crankalicious Pineapple Express Rapid Acting Bike Cleaner is a tropical treatment for your bike. First of all douse down your bike with a hose; then spray on the pineapple scented solution, and leave it for a few minutes to take effect; agitate the dirt with a brush or sponge; then finally wash away the muck.

Pineapple Express seems to be a kind but effective bike wash, and has done a great job of removing built up residue on my bikes this autumn.

Crankalicious Mayo Jaune Frame Polish

Riding is tough on your bike. Stones and thorns will soon leave small scratches on the paintwork, and the pristine shine will deteriorate. Crankalicious Mayo Jaune is a frame polish designed to remove small scratches and marks; you pour a little onto a microfibre cloth and then polish the paint surface to restore a shine.

I used this polish on the paintwork of my seven year old mountain bike, and it restored it to a great sparkle. Be prepared for a good bit of buffing — but the end result will be worth it.

Crankalicious Enduro Long Lasting Frame Sealant

The last treatment for your frame should be to seal in that polished finish, and seal out the future onslaught of mud and grime — this is where the Crankalicious Enduro Frame Sealant comes in.

You spray a little onto a cloth, and then wipe the frame over. The result is a water resistant finish that helps mud to slide off on future rides. The perfect finish to make your hard cleaning work worthwhile, and to hopefully reduce the workload the next time around.

The complete range from Crankalicious is an impressive offering; these four products have done a great job of cleaning and restoring my bikes' frames over the last month, and I am sure that as the winter grit increases, they will continue to excel.

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