Review – HydraPak Flux 1L Flexible Water Bottle

Review HydraPak Flux 1L Flexible Water Bottle
Flexible soft bottles have been a secret weapon of mine on bikepacking and cycle touring adventures. The compressible bottles are the ideal solution when you need to carry more water on scorching days, or you need to stock up on fluid before heading off for an overnight camp.

I remember one time on the #RoadsFromRome trip, when a kind Italian man offered to help me fill up my water bottles at the end of a sweltering day. When I kept pulling soft flasks out of my pannier, he took great delight in the apparent magic trick, and then joyously started to try blowing one flask up like a balloon... he didn't get far—these things are surprisingly robust.

Soft flasks have been used by runners for a long time, and feature in many ultra-running vests. Equally water bladders have been used in mountain biking hydration packs for years; offering a way to carry water when you do not have bottle cages on your bike. Flexible bottles like the new HydraPak Flux are something quite new though…

This is a flexible bottle with an upgrade. It is shaped like a traditional water bottle, but compresses like a soft bottle, and it only weighs 77-grams (60 percent less than a similar 1L hard bottle).

The Flux features a pressure valve twist-cap to allow you to sip from the bottle on the go, or to lock it off and avoid spillage. There is also a flexible handle on the neck to allow you to hang it on the outside of your bag or secure it to your pannier rack.

A smart trick with the HydraPak Flux is that it is also compatible with 42mm threaded water filters, such as the Katadyn® BeFree filters, making it ideal for back-of-beyond adventures.

Pull this from your pack, fill it up at a tap or stream, and you have a reliable and reusable carrying capsule that is easy to drink from and clean. When you are finished, simply roll it down and stow it away.

This is the perfect environmentally friendly solution to carrying additional water on bikepacking and cycle touring trips, or indeed on any everyday adventure.

Review HydraPak Flux 1L Flexible Water Bottle

Review HydraPak Flux 1L Flexible Water Bottle

Review HydraPak Flux 1L Flexible Water Bottle

Disclaimer: HydraPak supplied a HydraPak Flux 1L Flexible Water Bottle for test and review


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