Review – Hutchinson Cycling Tubeless Tyre Fitting and Repair Kit

Hutchinson Tubeless Kit
Hutchinson Tires were a pioneer of tubeless tyre technology—creating some of the first tubeless road and mountain bike tyres in the industry. They have continued the strong brand position with an ongoing range of superb tubeless road, gravel, and MTB tyres. Now, they have branched out into an accompanying range of tubeless kits and accessories—to complete the offering.

Many riders are cautious about making the switch to tubeless, having heard about tight tolerances that can make tyres a challenge to fit and seal, the setup being a messy process, and the difficulty to repair a tubeless tyre mid-ride.

Keen to address each of the above concerns, Hutchinson Cycling has developed a new range of tubeless tool kits and accessories.

Hutchinson Tubeless Valves and Tubeless Rim Tape

Hutchinson have released a new tubeless rim tape in 20, 25 and 40 mm widths, as well as universally compatible black conical tubeless valves with the option of 20 mm and 40 mm valve extenders.

The rim tape and valves make setting up a pair of tubeless compatible wheels much simpler and more effective. The valves also have removeable cores so that you can inject the sealant straight into the tyre once it is mounted, rather than endure the messy process of doing it before mounting.

To help get the tubeless tyres onto the rim, Hutchinson have released two new tubeless tyre levers. Built around a steel core; with one end left bare for when you need the additional strength, and the other with a plastic lip to prevent damage to carbon rims; these allow you to easily lever any tyre into place. The pocket-sized version is ideal for your saddlebag.

Hutchinson Tubeless Tyre Repair Plug Kit

The double-ended plug kit from Hutchinson is your solution to those larger punctures out on the road or trail. On one end it features a pick with a file edge to clear out any remaining sharp debris from a puncture; on the other end there is a plug applicator needle that can be stowed with a plug installed inside the case—ready for a quick repair.

The kit comes with 10 plugs which can be housed inside the tool ready for use.

These new tubeless accessories from the Hutchinson Cycling brand are up to the same exceptionally high-quality level that I have come to expect from their tyre range (see past reviews here). 

Built to perform and last, these accessories will make mounting and maintaining tubeless bicycle tyres that much easier.

Hutchinson Tyres Tubeless Kit Review


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