Review – Sea to Summit Stretch-Loc Luggage Straps

Sea to Summit Stretch-Loc Luggage Straps
Stretchy TPU cinch-straps are a frequent sight on bikepacking bike rigs; they offer an inexpensive way to strap canisters and bottles to your bike frame – securely enough to ride off-road on back-of-beyond adventures. 

The new Stretch-Loc Straps from Sea to Summit are the brand's own take on this well-established accessory; with experience of their superb silicone cookware and camp products, I was keen to test these luggage straps out, and see if they could deal with the rigours of the trail.

The Sea to Summit Stretch-Loc Straps come in a range of different lengths and sizes; either a four-pack of assorted lengths (375, 500, 625 and 750 mm) or a two-pack of smaller size straps (450 mm). Different lengths of strap have different functions and uses, so it is helpful to have an assortment.

The 375 mm length strap proved perfect for holding a bottle securely into a bike bottle cage. The 450 mm length strap was equally great for attaching a pump to a bike frame. Meanwhile, the 625 mm strap was long enough to lash a tent to the top of a pannier rack. The grippy nature of the TPU material stops the attachment point from slipping down the tube or frame.

The design of the Stretch-Loc straps is pretty self-explanatory, but one differentiating design feature with these Sea to Summit straps is the clever strap retainer that also doubles up as an anti-slip frame pad and tube protector.

Tough, strong, reliable, and sturdy. The Stretch-Loc watch-style luggage straps from Sea to Summit are a great accessory for carrying extra kit on your next bikepacking adventure.

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Sea to Summit Stretch-Loc Luggage Straps

Sea to Summit Stretch-Loc Luggage Straps

Sea to Summit Stretch-Loc Luggage Straps

Disclaimer: A set of Sea to Summit Stretch-Loc Luggage Straps were provided by Sea to Summit for test and review


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