Review – Pro Bike Tool Mini Ratchet Tool Set

Pro Bike Tool Mini Ratchet Tool Set
Ever had one of those tricky seat-post retention clamps or disc caliper bolts that are a nightmare to reach with a chunky multitool? The mini ratchet set from Pro Bike Tool is the solution.

This UK brand produces some great value and great quality bike tools: pumps, CO2 inflators, bottle cages, and multitools. This little ratchet set was my first introduction to the range, and it is impressive both in quality and performance.

Equipped with a set of all common hex-key chucks, torque wrench pieces, and screw drivers; this should give you everything you need for trail or road-side repairs (except a broken chain - you'd need the Pro Bike Tool Chain Tool for that eventuality).

It is simple and effective to use: much like a bigger ratchet on a socket set, you insert the chucks and then choose which way you want to turn the bolt. It is well-made enough that you can put a fair bit or torque through the metal shaft and handle without it feeling like it is flexing.

With the growth of disc brakes, integrated seat-post bolts, and other fiddly frame designs, this is a really useful alternative to a traditional chunky multitool. It also comes in a neat little zipper case to protect it from the elements; the case is big enough to fit a few other ride essentials like a credit card or house key in there too. A great piece of kit.


  1. What’s a ‘torque wrench piece’? Thnx


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