Review – Science in Sport SiS BETA Fuel Energy Products

Science in Sport SiS BETA Fuel Energy Products

I have been testing out the new range of BETA Fuel energy products from UK brand Science in Sport. They are tasty, easy to take onboard, and a notable scientific development over their predecessors and many other energy products on the market. Here's the low-down…

BETA Fuel Drink

First launched in 2018, the original Science in Sport Beta Fuel drink was an isotonic product using both maltodextrin and fructose at a ratio of 2:1 to optimise carbohydrate delivery and utilisation during exercise, while minimising gastrointestinal issues.

The new Beta Fuel range has a change in the ratio of maltodextrin to fructose to 1:0.8. In comparison to the (still highly scientifically impressive) 2:1 ratio, the 1:0.8 ratio has been proven to:
  • Enhance total exogenous carbohydrate oxidation by 17%
  • Enhance mean power output during 10 maximal sprint efforts by 3%
  • Increase the percentage of ingested carbohydrate oxidised from 62% (2:1 ratio) to 74% (1:0.8 ratio)
  • Reduce symptoms of stomach fullness and nausea when compared to the 2:1 ratio
The new Beta Fuel Powder solution contains 80 grams of carbohydrate at this 1:0.8 ratio, in a neutral pH formula that maintains the signature isotonic format to minimise gastrointestinal issues.

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BETA Fuel Gels

As well as the powder, the new Beta Fuel range contains two different types of energy gels.

The Beta Fuel Gel contains 40 grams of carbohydrate also at the 1:0.8 ratio of maltodextrin to fructose in Orange and Strawberry and Lime flavours; with a second gel containing Nootropics that can give you that mental boost during prolonged exercise.

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BETA Fuel Chew Bars

Completing the fuelling solution is the Beta Fuel Chew Bar. During endurance exercise being able to vary your fuelling choices is important; the new Beta Fuel chews are in a unique format to SiS and aim to make taking on fuel more interesting for the palate.

Again, the key 1:0.8 maltodextrin to fructose ratio is used, with 40 grams of carbohydrate (7 grams per chew) – providing another form of nutrition you can build into your nutrition plan.

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The new enhanced BETA Fuel formula allows you to increase your carbohydrate intake to around 80-120 grams per hour because of the 1:0.8 maltodextrin and fructose ratio; aiding your performance by minimising gastrointestinal distress and enabling faster absorption.

This unique range of products are naturally flavoured and can be used in combination to optimise performance during endurance exercise, giving you a scientifically superior fuel source.


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