Review – NamedSport Energy and Recovery Bars and Gels

Named Sport Energy and Recovery Bars and Gels
The collection of energy bars, gels, protein bars and drinks from the Italian brand NamedSport offers a good value and great tasting variety of products; proven and used in several World Tour series races.

I have been sampling the NamedSport Sport Gel, Isotonic Power Gel, 4Fuel Protector Energy Drink, Energy Bar and Rocky Protein Bar.

I must admit that I am not an avid user of energy gels or energy drink; I tend to only use them when I am struggling or have low glycogen levels on long endurance rides; that makes it quite difficult for me to quantify or evaluate NamedSport's products in this area—as I have little to compare them against.

Energy bars and protein bars, however, are more my staple food source on endurance bike rides. The NamedSport Energy Bar and Rocky Protein Bar have both proven to be tasty and satisfying products; both bars are aspartame and acesulfame free, and I can pronounce and recognise most of the ingredients on the packaging (always a good sign). Rather than popping into a petrol station and grabbing a Mars Bar or Snickers when you are hitting the wall, then having one of these bars in your pocket is a sensible and more nutritious alternative.

Variety is the spice of life when it comes to energy and recovery food; the more variety and variation you have, the more likely you are to eat often and eat correctly. NamedSport offers a great range of products; grab a few of their products and give them a go on your next long ride.

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