Ride Stats: March 2013

Pretty happy with the numbers for March, worth explaining a few things:

  • The number of hours is lower than January and February as I have now started to move away from base mile training, towards shorter more specific sessions working on power and hill climbing.
  • This also means that the number of miles is lower than January or February
  • Because I'm back on the Isle of Wight I've also been doing several off-road rides a week, which are lower mileage and have a lower average speed. This brings the average speed down compared to previous months when I have been using the mountain bike less.
  • The thing that has made March a satisfying month more than these stats however, is the race results which can be seen in the tab at the top of the blog. I've got 31 points on my BC licence in the three races that I have done so far this year. This secures my second category licence and bodes well for a good summer of racing. Looking forward to it. 


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