Review - Thule Subterra Macbook Sleeve

Thule Subterra Macbook Sleeve
Taking your laptop with you on your adventures is increasingly becoming a necessity, especially when you are a social media and content marketer by trade.

Luckily, laptops are significantly lighter and more compact than when I had my first IBM ThinkPad (it weighed a tonne). However, with the slim-lining of technology, there has also been an inevitable increase in its vulnerability to knocks and drops. That is where a good laptop case comes in…

I previously reviewed the Thule Vectros MacBook Case on Life In The Saddle. That bumper case continues to do a great job of protecting my personal laptop from everyday use and abuse; however my new slim-line work MacBook required some protection too. I decided the Thule Subterra Sleeve was the perfect solution.

Like all other Thule products that I have tested for the blog, the Thule Subterra Macbook Sleeve has been carefully and thoughtfully designed; then produced using the best quality materials available.

Your MacBook is housed in a padded section, with a soft interior and strong Thule zipper. Then there is also an outside pocket, which is perfect for housing a power plug, memory sticks and dongles. The case houses everything safely together, so you don't forget or damage that vital electronic component.

Whether you are taking your MacBook on a daily commute in a rucksack, or on an epic adventure in a bike pannier; this is a case that will provide it with great durable protection, throughout your global travels.

Thule Subterra Macbook Sleeve

Thule Subterra Macbook Sleeve


  1. Does it fit in the sleeve while in the Vectros case?


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