Review - Vee Tire Co Rail Tyres

I fitted the Vee Tire Co. Rail Tyres to my Kona Private Jake CX bike for testing a few weeks ago, and they have quite honestly revolutionised the ride. That bike has always been fast and capable, but this set of new treads has made it an off-road speed demon.

The Vee Rail tyres mounted up easily on tubeless-specific Novatec rims, using the Lezyne Digital Pressure Overdrive Charger Pump. I used CaffeLatex sealant for both tyres, and both were inflated to 36 PSI (2.5bar) for testing (my standard cyclocross tubeless test pressure).

The first thing that surprised me with the Rail tyres, was how fast they roll on tarmac. The tread pattern suggests that they should roll well, but they honestly feel as fast as a 32c semi slick tyre. Given their added volume and weight compared to skinnier treads, this is impressive.

Head off-road though, and the Rail tyres really excel. On gravel they absorb the vibration and shock, thanks to their added volume and tubeless low pressures. On sand they float and roll, rather than dig like most cyclocross tyres. Even in mud they seem to perform well, with the open tread pattern quickly shedding debris, whilst also providing grip.

Fast on the hard-pack; fast on mud, sand and rock; and confidence inspiring in the corners thanks to their size and prominent side lugs. These are a real all-round option, perfect for mixed-surface riding.

I claimed 9 KOMs in two rides after fitting these tyres; 3 on the road, and 6 on gravel and chalk down-land. Those badges are testament to the speed and versatility of the Rail tyres.

These are the first tyres that I have used from the Vee Tire Co, but they have made me keen to experiment with more. These are as capable as the Panaracer Gravel King SK Tyres I reviewed last month, and quite easily one of the best multi-surface tyres that I have used to date.

The tread pattern on the Vee Tire Co Rail Tyres provides great grip and speed

The Vee Tires Co brand has set a good first impression; from the packaging to the performance


  1. Nice tires ! Do you think i could put 40c on my private jake ?

    1. I don't see why not, I have put them on mine!

    2. ok tks, i wasn't sure about the maximum size of tyres i could use;)


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